Naijatastic Empowers Independent Music Artists in Africa

The African music scene is gradually becoming a strong force in the world music landscape, as many artists are gaining recognition for their outstanding music and talent in major music markets in the USA and Europe.

There is an increasing number of awards currently being won by many Nigerian and African artists in international stages like the Grammy and BET, who recognize these Nigerian / African artists’ achievements in the music industry.

There are many untapped potentials available in the continent and this is where Naijatastic makes Nigerian / African artists to shine! Naijatastic is a music streaming and sharing platform that enables independent artists to showcase their talent and music, connect with their fans and collaborate with other artists.

Naijatastic was established in January 2017 and enjoys a vast online fan base with currently more than 3,000 registered independent music artists and more than 100,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU). 

The platform prides itself on allowing Nigerian music creators and listeners to convene in promoting awareness and maintaining exposure to Nigerian audio content both in Nigeria and the diaspora. Naijatastic also caters to African artists who seek an indigenous platform that has the sound of the culture at heart.

Registration and creation of profiles are free for both artists and listeners, and uploading music is FREE for artists, but Naijatastic takes copyright seriously and does regular checks to make sure uploads are eligible to remain on the platform on an ongoing basis. 

Listeners on Naijatastic have a chance to explore new Nigerian artists and engage with them, share new Nigerian music with friends on social media, create and organize their favorite music playlists on the platform and stay updated with entertainment stories and editorials through the “DISCOVER” publication section. The platform is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

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