NANO Hearing Aids VS Starkey VS Oticon: What Reviews Say

Consumer reviews reveal the most about the quality of a product and the company behind it, which is why this comparison is crucial if you’re looking to purchase a hearing aid. 

With so many hearing aid providers and brands on the market, it’s hard to always know which the best fit is for you. Knowing everything you need to consider (the degree of hearing loss, the size and shape of your outer and inner ear, lifestyle choices and regular activities, etc.) to choose the right hearing aid is hard enough. This company comparison is meant to make things easier by drawing on customer reviews of each hearing aid provider. Now you can see how others have experienced the different brands before you commit to a single provider. 

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey aims to provide next-generation sound quality to individuals suffering from hearing loss. They offer potential clients online hearing tests and a wide range of hearing aid models. Some of their latest models include the Livio Edge Al, the Livio Al, and the Picasso which all come in a variety of styles. Starkey hearing aids also contain a host of features including high quality feedback management, wireless streaming, bluetooth accessories and advanced tinnitus technology.

Customers say Starkey hearing aids have significantly improved their hearing, long-time customers say they are durable sturdy devices that work exceptionally well for them. A few customers would’ve liked better clarity from their hearing aids but majority are more than happy with their hearing aids’ quality and clarity as well as the digital and wireless technologies that Starkey hearing aids are equipped with. Many have said they wished they had switched to Starkey hearing aids sooner. Starkey Hearing Aids are available at various hearing aid clinics across the U.S., customers simply have to find the one closest to their location on the Starkey website. 

NANO Hearing Aids are one of the most affordable high quality hearing aid providers in the U.S. The affordability of their devices come from the fact that they cut out the middleman and sell directly to customers all across the U.S. NANO Hearing Aids is an online provider which means everything is done online, from hearing tests and assessments to consultation with hearing healthcare professionals and finally purchasing which is done through a secure checkout system. NANO Hearing Aids are known for the wireless app-controlled technology and their easy-to-use, highly adjustable models. Their latest models include the NANO Sigma, the NANO X2R and the NANO X2.

According to NANO Hearing Aid Reviews, customers 

NANO Hearing Aidsbelieve that NANO devices offer the best phone support and wireless app-controlled capabilities, they find them to be durable and comfortable devices while still being sleek and inconspicuous. Countless NANO Hearing Aids customers have also commented on the high quality of their customer care support staff, who swiftly handle customer inquiries, return requests and replacement hearing aids orders. Customers say NANO Hearing Aids are extremely affordable for the quality and effectiveness of the devices. Many customers mentioned that they’ve tried other hearing aid brands before but they weren’t satisfied until using NANO Hearing Aids. 

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Hearing Aids has one of the most extensive ranges of hearing aid models with iPhone connectivity capabilities. With over 15 different models, Oticon is a leading provider in the market. Their models’ most attractive features include app-controlled technology, wireless streaming capabilities and tinnitus relief technology. Oticon also has an extensive list of accessories for their different hearing aid models and are known to offer online counselling to customers in the first days and weeks of using their new hearing aids. Customers need to find the closest Oticon hearing care professional to their location to do a hearing test and purchase their chosen model. 

Majority of Oticon customers stated that Oticon hearing aids improved their hearing in large groups and noisy environments while using the device, while others say they couldn’t hear conversations in a group of as little as four people. Consumers say Oticon hearing aids improved their spatial awareness while others say they couldn’t determine the directions sound came from. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the quality and clarity of sound, however a few have mentioned that Oticon hearing aids are a bit pricey for their budget, but they bought them nonetheless because they heard that they are effective hearing aids. 

Final take:

In terms of ease of purchase, affordability and customer care support, other brands cannot compete with NANO Hearing Aids. While other brands seem to have somewhat mixed reviews, NANO reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It is true that brands like Starkey and Oticon do have a substantial and loyal customer base, and for good reason, but when it comes to consumer reviews it seems NANO Hearing Aids is miles above the rest. 

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