Napoleon Hill’s Teachings Come Together in the Film Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s work is something that has been passed on for generations. He has brought a lot of light into this world through many gloomy periods, dating all the way back to 1937, the year he published Think & Grow Rich.

The book is a compilation of his findings after interviewing 500 of the world’s most successful people at the time. Which included the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell, and King Gillette.

The book went on to sell over 100 million copies around the world and got translated into 100 different languages. Saying it has been a success is an understatement. Think and Grow Rich is easily one of the top books of all time and is recommended by all the top leaders year after year.

Now I don’t want to get into great detail about the book because I want you to read it yourself (if you have already, read it again). My purpose is to tell you about the feature film Think & Grow Rich, which is a docudrama film chronicling the story of some of today’s most renowned entrepreneurs, cultural icons, and thought leaders.

The film has a rockstar crew comprised of Scott Cervine, Sean Donovan, Karina R. Donovan, Joel Franco, and John Shin. The mission of the team is to impact 100 million people by 2020 and spread the message that anyone can succeed regardless of their circumstances.

To help with their mission they recruited influencive people like Rob Dyrdek, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, and NFL hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon, that all make appearances in the film.

There are two main themes from the film that I want to highlight because they are key to Hill’s philosophy and detailed in the movie.

Never Give Up

This is something you will hear non-stop from people that have reached the highest heights in their careers and built a life they used to only dream about. They believed they could do it and never gave up no matter what their circumstances were. At all costs, they knew they would persevere. 

No success in life is easy to obtain. Most accomplishments in life aren’t just handed to someone, it’s the work they put in behind the scenes for 10, 15, 20 years that nobody sees that propels them to achieve their dreams.

Take one of the movie’s stars, for example, Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author that has impacted millions of people around the world with his work, but there’s more to the story because it wasn’t an easy road for him.

Howes used to be a professional football player that broke his leg and ended up jobless and broke sleeping on his sister’s couch with no idea of what do with his life.

Football was his passion and the only thing he really knew. Howes didn’t let this stop him and went on to become a New York Times best-selling author, builder of a multi-million dollar online media company and a sought-after keynote speaker around the world.

This just shows that wherever you are in life right now, you have the ability to make your dreams come true if you never give up and believe in the process. There will be many sleepless and restless nights but when you stick to the process good things will start to turn your way.

You Don’t Need to Know Everything

Who here has ever been to a party or function where there is that one person that acts like or thinks they know the answer to every question in the world? I know I have. These types of people are often known as know-it-alls.

In his book, Hill talks about an experience that Henry Ford goes through during a trial with a newspaper that called him an “ignorant pacifist”.

Ford was asked to take the stand and his answer is nothing short of the truth,

“If I should really WANT to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push-buttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts. Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?” – Henry Ford –

This is a powerful statement from someone that has impacted basically everyone’s life in one way or another. The moral of the story is that you don’t need to have an answer to every question.

Instead, surround yourself and build a life or business that brings others into it that compliment your skill set and can supply the answers that perhaps you can’t. This is a theme that is evident in the film that you can expect to take away.

Inside Scoop into the Film

The film has been in development for over 3 years as the entire crew and partners of the film have put in their blood, sweat, and tears. Now it’s time to celebrate all the hard work and partake in the premiere at LA Live which is shaping up to be a top influencer event of 2017.

The original book written by Napoleon Hill is a literary masterpiece and now with the production and release of this film, it’s going to take everything up a notch.

If you are someone that enjoys self-development, a life full of learning, and being inspired to always go after your dreams no matter the circumstances then this film is a must-see for you and the global premiere is a must-attend event of 2017.

Life is something that is unpredictable and we should never take that for granted. Instead, we need to live the best life possible and I’m happy to say that this film and the original masterpiece of Think and Grow Rich will bring out that inspiration and energy that you so dearly seek.

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