Natasha Tsitiridi’s Top 10 Bulletproof Tips on How to Cure Your Sales Phobia

Natasha Tsitiridi, founder and CEO of Bulletproof Woman, is an award winning Sales Coach. She supports women who are ready to set up and scale their online businesses to multiple 6 figures. She was not only named one of Yahoo Finance’s Top 10 Sales Coaches of 2020 but has been featured in other magazines like Thrive Global, and was recently appointed an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. Her entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others has landed her a spot on the “Brainz 500 Global List” that will be published later this year alongside the names of Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins and Simon Sinek. 

Starting with only a laptop on her bed and a pillow as her desk, in the last 7 years, she has empowered hundreds of sales people worldwide to celebrate monthly cheques up to $70k+. But, this wasn’t always the case.

Flashback to her first sales job, Tsitiridi admits,  “I was thrown into the deep end and felt like I was literally drowning every time I had to be visible or pick up the phone to sell but I promise it only gets easier and eventually you learn to fall in love with the sale. It becomes addictive.”

So what are her Top 10 Tips when it comes to curing your sales phobia? We hand it over to her!

1. Selling Is Just an Exchange of Energy

You will hear me saying this over and over again, “You are asking for something superficial that can easily be replaced, like money, in exchange for literally transforming someone’s life. What is harder to come across?” This shift in perspective is enough to stop anyone feeling icky about the ask.

2. Sell the Outcome, Not the Process

So many people get this wrong. Your prospects don’t want to hear about the “what” but the “why.” As a coach, are you helping them build their confidence so they can be better partners? Better parents? As a headhunter, are you helping your candidates have more security to support their families? If you sell operational efficiency software, are you perhaps freeing up time that your clients can spend with their families? 

3. Recognise You Aren’t New to Sales

Everything in life is a negotiation. Crossing the road is a negotiation, picking up a discounted product at the grocery store is a negotiation. And every negotiation is a sale. So, by default, everything in life is a sale. You’ve been doing this your whole life and you’ve got this far!

4. Without Sales You Don’t Have a Business

This speaks for itself. Still resistant? List your fears. Write down how likely they are to happen and what happens if they do.. Then write down the consequences of not selling at all and weigh up your options. A bit blunt, but this is the reality check we all need.

5. Get Excited

I start the day off with abundance and money mindset meditations; these are set as my alarm. When suspended in a light phase of sleep you can best access and reprogram your subconscious mind. I then blast my favourite playlist to get pumped for the day ahead. I’ve got anything from Taylor Swift, Sia and Beyonce to Imagine Dragons and Muse on there. I’m happy to share it with anyone who wants it, just DM me!

6. Listen to Understand, Not to Respond

 Sales people love to talk. Listen actively for 80% of the time and talk for 20% of the time. Ask lots of questions to uncover your prospect’s dominant pain point – What keeps them up at night? People will buy from you if you get them feeling two main emotions – ecstasy and pain, the latter being even more impactful. Mobilize their emotions and they will mobilize with their money. Are they buzzing to work with you? Have they realised that if they don’t they’ll remain stuck in the rut they’re in?

7. Understand That There Is Only One Reason People Don’t Buy 

And that is a lack of certainty. If your prospect isn’t certain of you, your service or your company, you’ve lost the sale. If your prospect knows, likes and trusts you, you are halfway there. The other half is…

8. Believe in Your Product/ Service

If you don’t, give up now! Your prospects will sense your doubt and there goes that certainty. If you struggle to verbalise this, grab your journal and jot down 5 reasons why your offer is better than 99% of the other stuff out there and 10 reasons why YOU are awesome.

9. Rejection Isn’t Personal 

We all fear rejection. If you are confident in the product you sell, believe in yourself and you project this confidently and someone STILL doesn’t buy, they weren’t ready for what you had to offer. Don’t beat yourself up about it. People aren’t born gifted, sales is a learning curve.  Look back at your video calls/ DMs/ emails etc., reflect and get better. 

10. BE YOU! 

When you are authentic, you will attract your ideal clients. Every time you force yourself to be someone else,  you will attract clients you don’t vibe with, that complain and make excuses and you are likely to end up resenting the transaction.

These top tips are sales and mindset strategies that Tsitiridi tried and refined “on the job.” Her last reminder to all women out there is to never forget that it is their birthright to be financially independent and lead a free and unrestricted life.

If you want to learn more about Tsitiridi and her work, head over to her website or visit her Instagram @natasha_bulletproofwoman. 

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