Naveed Ahmad: The Youngest Entrepreneur and the Best Emerging Social Media Influencer

India has produced one of the best minds of the world since forever and is known as the land of most innovative and hard working people. The young generation is no less and continues the glory of the land. One such young talent from the country is Naveed Ahmad, the youngest entrepreneur in ice cream industry as well as the best emerging social media influencer.

Naveed Ahmad says that with the progression and expanded rivalry in the advanced innovation, computerized promoting is intense and testing now. A Delhi based entrepreneur, he completed his MBA in Marketing in 2019. He is the youngest entrepreneur in the ice cream manufacturing industry.

The whole procedure of advertising is changed due to the addition of the computerized world. He says that the present reality likes to look for amusement through online stages like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as opposed to utilizing the TV. This pattern has made tones of chances for beginning your attire image to make they’re situating on the planet.

Being a young mind, he revolutionized the concepts of advertising and marketing in his industry. Understanding the changing needs to adapt to the virtual world where everything ran through a set of keyboards in front of a screen. He digitalized most of his advertising and marketing. Creating resources and tools to operate online. And soon he was also a social media marketing genius. Just like his ice cream business, he helped bloom the social media management too.

Today the youth around him are getting inspired by his story. Getting inspired to dare to start, own and run a business from a young age. Following his path to utilize the depths of social media to enhance their chances of survival and growth in today’s world. We need more people like Naveed Ahmad for a different, a better tomorrow. People say age is just a number, they say excellence is not bound by age and time, and they say a lot of other positive things to motivate each other. But Naveed Ahmad doesn’t believe in saying, he believes in doing. So, he proved that age is just a number, he proved that excellence is not bound by age and time and he is motivating us in the right way.

For years the major companies such as Kwality Walls, Amul, Mother Dairy have ruled the ice cream sector of India. But times are changing. With many small scale ice cream industry slowly rising and capturing the markets, we’d see a major shift in power balance in the industry soon. Naveed Ahmad is an entrepreneur of National Ice cream, one of the leading challengers of the top spot in the ice cream business.

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