Navigate Your Way to Financial Independence with Big Bag Real Estate

As the famous adage goes, money can’t buy happiness. Yes, it cannot buy happiness, but money can give you financial independence, which is a prerequisite to happiness. This holds true for Big Bag Real Estate, a real estate investment company that encourages aspiring investors to discover financial freedom in real estate investment. The company provides a roadmap and tangible steps to navigate your way through the ins and outs of a real estate career.

Eight months ago, twin brothers Kenneth and Khalif Souels made a pact to break loose from the chain of the corporate world. Moreover, they got to a point when they were fed up with the misconception surrounding real estate. A particular friend of the brothers was taken advantage of by a real estate professional. This motivated them to venture into real estate and offer quality mentorship for those who need it. What started as just a passion project in 2019 naturally grew and became known as Big Bag Real Estate. Having little to no knowledge in real estate investments, both brothers only carried the determination and grit with them as they forged their way in establishing their company. All of their hard work paid off in the end, considering how the company flourished in eight months. 

Today, Big Bag Real estate is the go-to company for people who seeks to enhance their lives. “Our company is geared toward providing both education and resources to interested individuals to supply the tools necessary to attain financial freedom through the real estate industry,” according to the Souels twin brothers. 

What sets apart this real estate investment company from other companies is their hands-on approach to their clients. First, they make their investment programs and courses easily accessible to prospective business clienteles. Second, they let their clients have a firsthand experience of the actual work. “We understand that for someone who may be coming from a totally different career path might not quite grasp everything we write down on paper, so instead we give you an opportunity to shadow us and really become a student of the game,” as the founders explained. As much as possible, they want their clients to shadow them at every opportunity, such as when they get to close the deals or conduct rehabilitations. This only shows how dedicated and committed the brothers are to their craft. Moreover, it shows the transparency of the company to support people towards the path of financial freedom.

The company does not discriminate because the brothers believe anyone can be a real estate investor regardless of background, economic status, current career path, or level of education. “if you are willing to work hard to become educated and do the work we are confident that our company can provide you with the tools to become successful as a real estate investor.”

Indeed, Big Bag Real Estate is a gem among stones. Despite their triumphant careers, the founders remain humble and acknowledge that their success was not obtained overnight. Instead, it was a series of learning and unlearning, which is why they want to educate prospective investors.

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