Neerav Vadera’s G7FX – Full Trading Course Review

G7FX is a professional trading education programme created by Neerav Vadera, an ex-Barclays Investment Bank trader. He has over 16 years’ experience working on an institutional trading floor.

In this review of the G7FX Pro & Foundation courses, we take a deep dive to see if the course provides as much value as its positive reviews suggest.

The programme’s biggest selling point is that it is built on a bedrock of real-world experience on a real investment bank trading floor. According to the website, the goal is to “offer people the chance to learn the exact same way institutional traders do.” The course skips common retail education strategies – such as technical analysis – and instead focuses on the approaches used by the world’s top trading firms.

We’re going to break down the content of the course, explore what kind of support you can expect, and reveal what real members have to say about it!

What’s on Offer?

G7FX primarily consists of two main courses: the Foundation course and the Pro Course.

The G7FX Foundation course “replicates the training you would receive on Day One of working in a world-class trading firm”. It provides an in-depth introduction to the world of trading, including key trading concepts, what names you need to know, how to build a trading strategy, and what causes stock prices to fluctuate. It’s best suited for beginner traders and those without much practical experience, although it’s also recommended for traders who want to broaden their knowledge of the fundamentals.

The Foundation course comes with over 13 hours of training videos, access to all future updates, and a free custom DOM worth over £1,000.

The G7FX Pro course delves into more advanced trading concepts and strategies, covering topics such as order flow, volume profile, hypothesis building, and the VWAP. It’s recommended that you complete the Foundation course first, as that provides the base of knowledge you need to fully understand the concepts introduced in the Pro course.

The Pro course includes over 40 hours of training videos, access to all future updates, and free custom footprint worth over £1,250.

In addition to the two courses, you also get entry to a Members Only blog and access to extensive feedback and support.

What Support Is Provided?

Once you purchase the course, you receive lifetime access to support from Neerav Vadera and his team. You can message them with any course-related or technical queries, and receive answers whenever you need them.

What Are People Saying?

G7FX is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with over 250 reviews and a combined rating of 4.8 stars. Here are a few review excerpts:

“This is one of the best trading courses available on the market. NV gives a real insight into the institutional approach to trading, with nothing left out.” Justina

“Took the Pro & Foundation Courses together; what an amazing experience. NV was an amazing mentor and taught the course perfectly. I was a complete beginner to the material, but now I have a better understanding on how to look at charts and place my own trades.” Manley

“If people are having any doubts about NV’s course, I recommend you take a risk and buy it. So much value. I now see the markets in a completely different way… the correct knowledge is key, and that is what I have found with this course.” Michael

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, you would expect to pay £1,298 (or three instalments of £449) for access to the Pro and Foundation courses. However, the courses are currently being bundled at a discounted price of £998 (or three instalments of £349), saving you £300.

Is it worth investing in? We’ll leave that answer up to you – but judging from the amount of positive feedback it has received, most people seem to find it an incredibly valuable educational tool for their trading journey.

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