Nepalese Internet Celebrity Dr. Sandesh Lamsal’s New Catchy Tracks That the World is Grooving to

Dr. Sandesh Lamsal, born on 17th August 1994 and raised in a small town in Dang, is one of the most famous Nepalese internet celebrities who is widely popular for his creative videos on different social media platforms. His remarkable achievements in his social, professional & public life and his passion-driven dreams of reaching new heights have made him a popular name. 

Besides, he is the jack of all trades with the titles of social media influencer, actor, model, social worker, sportsman & doctor. He is well-reputed and widely honoured for his mind-blowing videos on social media platforms and contributions towards Nepal, Nepali culture, tradition and tourism.

He has always cultivated a desire to improve and grow himself day by day ansd never settle or stop learning. After a bright childhood of excelling in technical, computer knowledge and shining as a Taekwondo player, he went on to get a degree of MBBS at St. Petersburg.

Along with these notable works, Dr. Lamsal decided to indulge in social awareness through social media platforms. As a result, he received huge appreciation from the audience and good fame in social life.

Recently he was entitled by Yahoo News and OnlineKhabar as “The First Nepalese Internet Celebrity to be verified on all major social media platforms like TikTok, Likee, Moj, Josh, Chingari, Google’s Tangi, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.”

His amazing work has been recognized by a huge number of Bollywood celebrities including popular singers like Tulsi Kumar, Mamta Sharma, etc. and even published by jJustmusic, Likee and Moj apps on their official Instagram pages. His positivity, dedication & vibrance makes him stand out from other celebrities and portrait him unique. His lavish and praiseworthy progression is the result of his perseverance, patience and hard work.

His contributions aren’t just limited to these fields only. He recently graduated MBBS in 2021 from Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Besides his academic pursuits, Dr. Lamsal has worked as a medical volunteer in FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018.

For this contribution to the volunteering, he was awarded a medal and appreciation letter from the Russian Government and Organizer committee of the FIFA World Cup. Not only this, he is serving as a United Nation online volunteer and National Volunteer of Russia from past 2014.

People would be easily satisfied with this much achievement in their life, but Dr. Lamsal has never stopped. After wearing many hats on his head and completing all his roles to perfection he has now stepped into the world of music. Analyzing his evidence of determination and dedication so far, it isn’t quite difficult to foretell that this venture is going to be a mega-hit too.

He has already released 4 singles/EPs in the May of 2021 namely, “Alone and Missing You”, “When COVID Ends”, “I Will Rule One Day”, and “Just Feel It Baby”, with more to come later. It is needless to say that his masterpieces are blowing up everywhere, on all streaming platforms, and are highly admired by the audience. As a result of which, he got verified as an Artist on all the streaming platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google play music, etc.

Looking at the critics’ reactions to his musical journey, the tunes, melodies and symphonies, it can be said undoubtedly that Dr. Sandesh Lamsal is here to rule and win the hearts of millions of audience with his music. People all over the streaming platforms are highly enjoying his tracks and they are gaining unstoppable popularity day by day. Even in the short video platform like TikTok, a lot of creators are creating their contents using those tracks and the audience is amazed by the vibes created there. People have come forward to support him with overwhelming compliments, regards and they believe that he will be proving his excellence as a new raising musical sensation in the upcoming days.

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