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“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work. Marinate on that for a minute.” – Robert Kiyosaki

It’s safe to say proximity level to successful people correlates to your own individual success. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “it’s not what you know but who you know”, right? On your way to a better self and building a fulfilling life, it’s vital to not only connect with successful people but the right people who will help catapult you to achieving your personal and professional goals. That’s why it’s crucial to grow your network and overall circle of influence.

I recently interviewed a fellow Aussie who I would say is one of the ultimate professionals at networking. In fact, he’s helped facilitate partnerships with some of the world’s most successful people. As we’ve developed our relationship together, I can see why.

Meet Michael Lane, an Australian entrepreneur and director of Success Resources, the world’s largest provider of education events featuring high-caliber speakers such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sir Richard Branson, and Robert Kiyosaki, to name a few.

Michael is a real example of a super-connector and a leader who’s passionate about education. He’s been organizing educational events with world-class speakers for 16 years and masterminding the company’s most successful projects. Just think… 520 events globally this year connecting over 400,000 people with the greatest influencers of our time.

Whilst he’s learnt a ton from his career, here are 5 core points partnering with successful people has taught him. I highly recommend you take some notes.

1Embrace the Power of Live Events for Changes That Stay

With the availability of educational content online, live events will always be in demand. They’re an absolutely different kind of experience. “Live events are a great way to get immersion, get there, forget about life, focus purely on what you’re going to get, and it’s a great way not only to meet people and to associate but to get that proximity. These events are really life-changing and give the audience a memory to always refer back to,” says Michael.

Nevertheless, huge events like, say, Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins are not just an incredible world-class learning experience; they’re an unforgettable sensory feast enabled by a million dollars’ worth of audio and visual equipment. The outcome is a life-changing experience, a memory that can be recalled over and over for positive reinforcement in your life – now that’s impact.

2Education Is the Greatest Equalizer

No matter your background, with education and personal growth, you can become whoever you want, whether that’s the next Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, or Jim Rohn. Imagine unlocking your mind and learning how to achieve at your highest potential – think well-renowned entrepreneur or even global leader.

“I’ve seen clients coming in depressed, single, with no money and no business, but then spending a short period of time really working on themselves, reading books, learning from podcasts and videos, and years later, being successful in their relationships, their financial areas, and business,” Michael says. Your personal growth is directly proportional to your own success.

Starting his career in sales, Michael piggybacked those hours of cold calling to hone his skills in persuading, influencing, and inspiring – skills that now push Success Resources forward. “I’ve really built resilience, a structure, a process, and a big backbone that when people say ‘no’, it’s okay, you move on to the next one. So it’s been an interesting journey,” he recollects.

3Reach Out to Successful PeopleNot Only at Events but Also iReal Life

One of the most amazing things Success Resources does is enable direct access to high-caliber, successful individuals in forms of retreats, private dinners, timeouts in a yacht, and the like.

“If you think about spending a couple of grand with Gary Vee for 2-3 hours over dinner, I think that’s a really good investment. You don’t need to be a multimillionaire to have that kind of experience,” Michael says.

The growth curve from associating with successful people in this way is massive. You get to know them on a personal level, see their daily habits and how they live out their values. This can change your life forever.

4To Succeed in the FutureBe Innovative Today

In order to be a disruptor in your area of business, you need to be thinking years ahead and testing it today, so that by the time you get to that future, you’ll have an idea of what that’s like.

Here’s a clue from the director of the most innovative company in delivering education worldwide: “While working on concepts that are obviously 2019 and 2020, I’m looking what will be happening in 2025. How are people going to want to consume education? What’s that new medium? Is it going to be just digital? Is it going to be audio? Is it going to be holograms? (By the way, Success Resources was first in the industry to use holographic technology to show Tony Robbins real-time back in 2015.) Is it going to be virtual reality?”  Such an approach means you’ll have to be learning your whole life to keep up. So, what’s your strategy?

5. Educate Your Kids: Proximity Is Key

We live in a world where everyone is focused on hustle and success. That’s why it’s crucial to embrace quality family time. Ninety-five out of a hundred successful people will tell you that family has to be an important part of what you do because kids are the reflection of your values, your most important legacy.

“Money is great, the success and all of those things are cool, but depleting. What’s really important to me is building a successful family. We label success as financial, but success to me is every single day growing myself as a parent, growing my kids’ values, and sharing with them what the important things are,” Michael shares. As a proud parent, Michael devotes time to his family and especially his kids – educating them and being around them. They need proximity. They need you as their own influencer.

Everybody has influencers in their life. Some questions for you: Who were the people that helped you succeed? What have you learned from them? Please, share your experience in the comments. Let’s help each other grow.

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