NeuroMD Pain Relief Device Review: Are At-Home Treatments Worth It?

Chronic back pain can be downright miserable. It is debilitating and disabling and will quickly empty your wallet as you chase treatment after treatment for a solution. However, there is hope for the more than 16 million Americans living with chronic back pain, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

NeuroMD Medical Technologies is a U.S. based company that has developed a device that has already been lifechanging for thousands of chronic pain sufferers across the country. The device uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to provide a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to managing pain. It comes with a 12-week treatment plan to target the source of the pain – weakened or injured back muscles – providing long lasting pain relief. With more than one million treatments completed, the Corrective Therapy Device has been rated #1 for ease of use and effectiveness by its users.

Nearly 2500 chronic back pain sufferers put NeuroMD’s device to the test, and here are the results.

How does the Corrective Therapy Device work?

The Corrective Therapy Device™ uses NMES to deliver electrical impulses to the nerves that cause muscles to contract. This strengthens the muscles, getting to the root cause of the pain and providing safe, drug-free relief from chronic back pain.

Technologies such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) work in a different way, targeting and stimulating the nerves that sense pain, and disrupting their pathway to the brain. Simply blocking pain does not address the source of chronic discomfort, making NMES the best choice for millions of back pain sufferers in the United States.

NeuroMD customers have commented alongside their four-star reviews. Robert K. said, “It provides much better relief than the TENS unit I used previously. I used it each morning on my lower back and the relief has been amazing.” and Kelley A. said, “This product is a lot better than a TENS unit. I can’t explain it, but it has a totally different feel to it. It works great and had helped me.”

How do I use it?

NeuroMD’s Corrective Therapy Device will arrive at your home ready to use. Simply review the instructions and the 12-week Corrective Care treatment protocol and get started. The device is fully rechargeable and wireless, for convenience, and is held in place on the back with reusable gel pads that can be used up to 30 times.

The treatments themselves are enjoyable and have been described by users as “an exercise session for your back” and a “morning ritual to relieve pain”. Once the device is in place and switched on, your muscles will contract and relax 108 times during a 25-minute session, using pre-set, FDA-cleared NMES parameters. The treatments work to heal damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and strengthen back muscles, helping reduce pain.

What does it cost?

NeuroMD’s Corrective Therapy Device is usually priced at $399 per unit. The kit is frequently on sale, and discount codes can be found by signing up to their emails. Customers can also opt to pay in more manageable, interest-free installments of $67 each, using Affirm.

The device comes with a complimentary exercise e-book and a 60-day risk free trial that allows users to try the device at home and return it if they are not completely satisfied with their results.

For chronic back pain sufferers, the price of the device is a drop in the ocean compared with the money they have spent on surgeries, physical therapy and any number of over-the-counter remedies. Customer Kiel B. left a four-star review and said: “I have had lower back pain for about 20 years, ever since statin drugs permanently damaged my spinal muscles. I have spent thousands on mattresses, braces, medication and chiropractic treatment, with little relief. NeuroMD is helping my pain and has been a good investment.”

The pros

The Corrective Therapy Device offers individuals with chronic back pain a non-invasive, drug free alternative to pain management. It is an affordable alternative to surgery and ongoing sessions with physical therapists, chiropractors and other health care professionals, and over-the-counter medications and remedies. And the biggest pro? It works!

The cons

NeuroMD is clear in its instructions that the Corrective Therapy Device must not be used by individuals with electronic implants. This is a disappointing but important precaution for those with spinal implants and pacemakers. Customer Gary W. said, “I am unable to use the device due to my implanted spinal cord stimulator. My wife has been using it for weeks and it has definitely helped her. I’m disappointed because I know this would help me too.”

Don’t forget to read the instructions

The company has developed a 12-week protocol designed to strengthen weakened and damaged muscles in the back and spine. Customers following the directions accompanying the device and completing the entire 12-week protocol have reported excellent outcomes. A number of customers said they began using the device without reading the instructions and felt their pain was reduced and their outcomes were significantly better once they started again.

Marty G. left a five-star review, saying, “It didn’t work for me but then I re-read the instructions carefully and found where I made my mistake! It feels wonderful and I am definitely a big fan. This will be a keeper.” Customer Lane R. also left a five-star review and said, The instructions were easy to follow and NeuroMD even has a video that shows proper placement. The first day I tried it, honestly, it felt very good. After it finished the pain was gone and the ‘therapy’ lasted for over twelve hours.”

The bottom line

Many of NeuroMD’s Corrective Therapy Device users have suffered chronic pain for up to 20 years. More than 2000 of those users have been moved to send positive reviews about their experience to NeuroMD, all of which are available to review on the NeuroMD website. The device provides non-invasive, drug free, lasting pain relief at an affordable price and has been lifechanging for thousands of Americans. With more than one million treatments completed, and more than 2500 positive reviews, it’s hard to argue with the numbers.

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