Neuroscience Calisthenics is Changing the Fitness Industry with Jean Fallacara

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Do you want to upgrade your physical and mental performance? Or do you want to hijack your body clock and significantly optimize it in fitness? Neuroscience calisthenics is the deal for you. Neuroscience calisthenics is an improvised human optimization program comprising calisthenics training and neuroscience, which aims to work on the physical aspects and improve the use of human emotional systems to improve one’s workout effectiveness. When you make every effort to upskill and instruct your body, you should also train your brains simultaneously. This step will help induce a deeper, healthier, and sustainable impact on the human body. 

Jean Fallacara is the founder of Cyborggainz he is also an athlete, biohacker, speaker and CEO of Z-Sciences. For the past twenty years, he has gained experience with Neuroscience Calisthenics and believes this is where the future of fitness is going. He has continuously trumpeted the concept of Neuroscience calisthenics. 

Here is how Neuroscience calisthenics will transform your fitness.  

  • Neuroplasticity

Neuroscience calisthenics does not only involve body movements but also a strong mental power. Using the neuroscience concept, you can increase your brain’s neuroplasticity, creating and strengthening motor pathways faster. This process is called hyper plasticity or hyper learning.

Did you know the difference between good athletes and great athletes is that the latter maximize training both their body and mind? Neuroscience calisthenics is designed to optimize one’s brain to achieve peak performance, ultimately upgrading their mental performance threefold. 

  • Biohack Techniques

Biohack techniques will help push your performance forward and optimize your body and brains. It will also help reduce the risk of developing a disease that you are genetically predisposed to. Additionally, biohacking will help you attain emotional, mental or physical changes such as weight loss and reduction of depression symptoms. 

Biohacking isn’t just a new trend; it’s a mindset, complete lifestyle and the art of taking simple and natural steps to improve your health and life. Making these small but incremental adjustments can impact how you look, perform, think and feel. 

  • Gymnastic Exercises & Custom Workouts

Calisthenics consists of gymnastic exercises, custom workouts and personalized nutrition plans to help you achieve and improve body fitness and grace of movement. They are designed to match any specific goals and objectives you may have for your fitness, be it trim down, bulk up or overall live healthily.

These workouts can be good for your shoulders, abs and your general body! Skills like the front lever, back lever and planche will make your exercises perfect. In the inverted pull, you can start from a high hanging leg raise position; you can then keep your arms straight, lean forward and raise your hips to the same level as your shoulders. This example is one among many exercises that will shape you to be a gymnast with impressive strength feats

  • Growth Mindset

One of the difficult skills is providing an easy way for athletes and normal people to apply the growth mindset. But did you know mindset is significant in enhancing your physical performance? That’s true! Conditioning your brain enables you to learn new exercises that are performed in calisthenics.

Through sufficient exercises and building a healthy mindset, you can build strong muscle, endurance and strength without overloading on carbs. If your brain, mind, and focus are aligned, you and your body will be in complete sync, and on top of having a positive attitude, you will also have physical excellence. 


Neuroscience calisthenics has revolutionized the fitness industry through neuroplasticity, biohacking, gymnastic exercises, and a growth mindset. This development has been possible through the world’s first human optimization program. 

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