New Age Canadian Preneur Seth VanDaele Helps Businesses Grow With Cormier Media

Reason Behind ‘Cormier Media’

Seth VanDaele, Co Founder & Director of ‘Cormier Media’ realised the need for a platform between the audience and the business field. The current digital marketing agencies aren’t able to fit the gap quite consistently. The trend was to create one strategy and apply it to all their clients irrespective of their field and requirement. That’s when Seth realised the scope and depth of requirement for business solutions in terms of marketing and sales strategies.

‘Cormier Media’ offers over 100 different services to provide every type of solution for businesses’ needs when it comes to saving time, money and generating more revenue. This ensures that their clients do not have to find different providers for different services under the marketing umbrella.

They create sales strategies tailored to businesses’ budgets, requirements, goals, and needs. Cormier Media has been in the works for 1.5 years now. It has become a thriving business within the first three months of its creation owing to the great team they have behind them.

Seth’s Entrepreneurial Journey

With the personality of a gentleman, Seth VanDaele is a man of strong work ethics even at such a young age. He was fourteen when he got his first job at a grocery store and later started a plumbing apprenticeship. The owner who took him under his wing and taught him, ‘Working for others makes them wealthy, and having others work for you makes you wealthy; having others work for you saves you time, and allows you to scale your business and get more done without you having to put in more work. Time is far more valuable than money, and time is one thing you’d never get as an employee.’ It was then, Seth just knew that he didn’t want to be a cog in the machine.

From working in the construction site at a concrete company to a high-paying sales job, one thing was consistent throughout – it was the art of consistency to keep learning! Seth’s daily routine was to wake up at 3:30 AM, read, meditate, and shower all before 4:00.

He would then spend time learning digital marketing with his team, only to do it all again tomorrow. From hard labour to wearing a suit every day and sitting behind a desk for 8 hours, he excelled it all. Just before he made his debut in entrepreneurship, he came in his element. With his ability to grasp concepts, picking up his colleagues’ tips and tricks and putting a personal spin on them – Seth went down the entrepreneurial path with ‘Cormier Media’.

Within Cormier Media’s first month, Seth and his team achieved rapid success. They went from working in his grandmother’s basement with maybe two or three sales in their books to a beautiful communal building with private office space, and over twenty clients.

By the end of their second month, they were capable enough to start three separate businesses and hired three employees. And in their third month of operation, they had found a much larger office space built for their use and were working with over fifty different businesses.

Check out the services Cormier Media provides, and get guided by their team of marketing specialists to scale up your business.

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