New Digital Face of India: Shahu Shinde aka Themadridkidd’s story

Inspiration to pursue the passion often seems elusive and out of reach when you crave it the most. Several nights of on-going attempts and never-ending failure don’t do the work but surely count the day and efforts. Making every design simple yet significant, this young artist has made sure to achieve heights, and his work justifies it well. Today, working under prominent artists in the industry, each creative made by him speaks for itself.

Born and bought up in Maharashtra, Shahu Shinde aka ‘The Madrid Kid’ is a leading graphic designer and the youngest digital marketer serving clients with the best from the rest. Collaborating innovatively and attracting the audience with design that speaks for itself, he has been into the graphic designing world past three years. Every design begins with a story; similarly, he started his journey entirely off-track for my talent.

This young talent, showcases that age is again just a number when it comes to dreams. Worked with mainstream artists like MC Heam, Loka, King, Sab Bhanot, and planned & executed more than 100+ campaigns around the globe. Putting his expertise in marketing, he has marketed Carnival album reaching 43 million views and one of the finest EP autobiography by Rapper Loka.

Since starting his journey as an independent website developer almost 6 years prior, this young talent has accomplished distant work for many prominent artists, leading brands, counselled for new companies, and teamed up with capable individuals to make advanced items for both business and shopper use. Being unobtrusively certain, and normally inquisitive he has worked hard towards the website development path and pursuing it as a career.

As an independent website developer, he has worked up with a few visual originators in India, simultaneously keeping up clients in United States, UAE, and few more. He has chipped away at a huge number of web-based ventures for a scope of customers giving Web Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Development, eCommerce Solutions, Corporate Branding and Graphic Design.

Shahu Shinde, being a marketing visionary, and one of India’s youngest talents is also known to be an online media promoting specialists. He is additionally a gifted expert, coach, creator and a great marketer. Attributable to his energy for showing Digital, this young talent has worked hard towards his dreams. To achieve what he really wanted to, long sleepless nights are a proof that if dedicated towards your goal, nothing can set you apart from your objectives.


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