New Song by Iranian Rapper Hossein Nour in Support of the Afghan People

We hear the news about Afghanistan every day and recently a new piece of music sung by Iranian rapper Hossein Nour made a lot of news.

The song has quickly gone viral on social media and has provoked mixed reactions on social media and even in Iranian and Afghan news agencies.

“The main meaning of this song is the intense attack of Hossein Nour and the introduction of various reasons for the tyranny of the Officials in this music.

The song is called “Free Afghanistan” and in all parts of the song, there are different voices of Afghan children and women, which means freedom for all and not a certain group, in an interview with Hossein Nour a few days ago. We used three words about this song, which are “Freedom“, “Afghanistan” and “Love“, which means his love for the freedom of the Afghan people.  In some parts of the music, he talks to the World people to help Afghanistan.

Maybe the name of Hossein Nour is interesting for you or it is the first time you hear his name. The following is an excerpt from Hossein Nour‘s biography, which you can get to know more about.

Hossein Nour (born November 4, 1996, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian musician and singer who started his artistic activity in 2016.

His entry into the field of music has been very marginal and he has released 3 songs called Admin 1, Admin 2, and Admin 3, which has created a lot of noise in Persian rap. These songs are a direct diss for the famous rap and hip hop singer, Amir Maghsoudloo (Amir Tataloo). Hossein Nour has many fans around the world who are interested in his style of music.

He is best known for his and a group of singers’ support for underground music, and leadership ing support groups in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hossein has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and his fans are increasing day by day

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