New York Artist Why Cue Drop’s Off Visual for “Good Drank” w/ Peso Peso

New York based musician Why Cue has been in the news a-lot lately. After releasing multiple singles throughout the year. He’s decided to drop off his new visual “Good Drank” featuring Houston’s own Peso Peso. The animated music video was directed by Naboka Vlad and released on World Star Hip-Hop. The video currently sits under 5 million views on Worldstar’s official website and was featured on the top of the website.

The trippy video is a must watch and an anthem for fans. The production was done by Chicago producer CJDAPRODUCER: who also has produced many records for Cue. “When I was making this song I was feeling myself a little bit. You can call it cocky, I call it confidence, says Cue. “I know my musical talents and my ability to be versatile sets me apart from the rest. I love going out of the box mixing punchlines and melodies.

That’s the main reason I think this song is so special, it compliments my cadence and flow as well. I feel like the fans really favor this song because me and Peso give off different vibes in our verses; being I’m from New York and him being from Texas.”

Growing up in New York contributed to him musically; being a fan of artists like Cam’Ron and 50 Cent who at the time had a heavy influence in the late 90’s. “I remember going to Best Buy and buying actual CD’s. This was the era that really made me fall in love with music.

If you weren’t spending your money on CD’s back then then you weren’t a real fan of the culture,” says Cue. He has about 20 mixtapes from the early 2000’s. One being Co-hosted by Atlanta legend Shawty Lo who co-signed the artist back in 2013.

Fast forward to 2017 he and his producer Roswell Gray received national radio play on New York’s Hot 97. “I appreciate every moment I get to make music because it’s all I ever think about,” says Cue. “I never really worked a job in my life. I’ve always been doing music and collecting royalties. Most people don’t believe that you can make a living off what you love to do but I’m showing proof.”

Why Cue has kicked it into high gear since the release teasing us with a bunch of new features on the way; including a new single with Detroit’s Kasher Quon. The NYC artist has been making noise for some time now, leaving us with other instant classics like Drippin’ and Low Life with Nessly and Broken. “After being a musician for over a decade I’ve learned a-lot.” Why Cue Say’s. “I’ve been able to invest back into my music from the money I make from my music.

I feel like that mostly comes from hard work and branding yourself and really making yourself a household name.” says Cue. “What I learned most is to not be scared to invest in yourself because there’s always going to be somebody doing what you’re not. Once you make a name for yourself and stay consistent people will always want to work with you.” Cue has been able to manage himself independently over the years building a loyal fan-base with every music video.

In 2022 he plans on going on tour with friends and releasing 2 EP’s. Make sure to stream “Good Drank” featuring Peso Peso on all platforms if you haven’t heard it yet. @WhyCueSPG

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