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New York Rapper Young Dom’s Journey Through the Music Industry

Hard work pays off.

Young Dom is a rapper from Long Island, New York. His sound is so unique and different and people are really starting to notice. After his release of “Live Rich Die Young,” Young Dom went on and continued to push himself to make the best music possible.

A day for Young Dom usually contains ways for him to continue to better both himself and his name. From learning to recording to planning his next project, Young Dom is a jack of all trades when it comes to the creative side of things. For Young Dom, his hard work and dedication to grow his name in the best way possible comes with a tight schedule and no days off. He’s the definition of wanting something so bad you’ll sacrifice anything for it.

With the signing to his own label and releasing his 2021 project titled “Domination,” Dom is making huge waves and is only giving us a glimpse of what he is capable of and what’s to come. By watching how the industry moves and flows, Dom is constantly in tune to make sure he stands apart from the rest while still holding true to his influences as well as his roots.

As for the creation side of his music, he works consistently with multi-platinum producer Joe Lindsay and BMC Nate as well as Alex Melo, Cody Rounds, Moose Tarantino, Nathan Speiser, and Rylouis. With this huge team backing him and his work, he constantly works side by side with each of them to create the next big release as well as keep the team up and moving so no one is left out of any opportunities.

The music, names, projects, and upcoming titles coming from Young Dom are truly remarkable. From 2013 to now, Young Dom has curated such a great audience that can’t wait for what’s to come next for Dom. He is a rare example of how hard work can really make you reach your goals. His constant hunger to grow and find the next best thing for him, his team, and his fans is what is putting him over the top. Nothing sounds or feels lazy when it comes to Young Dom. By watching how successful artists before him found their success is something he takes notes on and applies on his own path through the same industry. By holding influences that put out both great music as well as are smart business people close has been nothing but beneficial.

Check out Young Dom’s latest music video for “Plug” on Youtube here

Instagram: @TMO_Dom

Twitter: Dom_TMO


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