Newline Investors CEO Mike Ogbebor Explains the Key to Financial Freedom

Mike Ogbebor was just seven years old when his family moved to the United States for a better life, having left his native land in Africa. He lived with five other family members in a one-bedroom apartment, in the rough inner city of Houston, TX. Understandably, they often struggled to pay the bills. The silver lining of this context for Ogbebor’s childhood and pre-adolescent life is that it motivated him to work hard in school so that he’d have doors to open, leading to financial success.

Ogbebor had initially entered medical school, but, soon after, he realized that if you are after freedom and financial prosperity, then the flexibility and rewards that come with entrepreneurship is the way to go. But, more importantly, the latter way of proceeding resonated with his core passion in life. His persistence and hard work paid off when he achieved success in the real estate industry.

Although he was earning a decent income in the real estate industry selling homes, Ogbebor knew that he couldn’t simply spend this money he was making. It’s a mistake that many people make. Those who wonder how others seem to do so well financially despite working similar jobs often don’t realize that having an income from more than one source opens endless doors of opportunity. 

Besides his real estate income, Ogbebor has also invested in other companies. He has invested in restaurants, hospitals, and the IT infrastructure industry. Once these investments did well, he founded Newline Investors, a venture capitalist firm that advises sellers and buyers on when to sell and when to invest. Newline Investors is a solid resource for people who have the money to spend but need connections and advice on where to put their money.  Ogbebor also wanted to reach disadvantaged people who had similar rough upbringings, especially those with an African-American heritage. 

Ogbebor decided that the best way to reach as many people as possible was through social media and seminars across the country. In his talks and on his Instagram page, it’s apparent that a large part of his aim is to motivate young people to realize that success won’t come to them if they don’t work extremely hard. Many of us have valuable, important ideas, but only the people who can leap from idea to action, actually make money. The other part of his aim is to educate people about the business side. Motivation is great, but he insists that a person also needs knowledge and experience.

Ogbebor’s presentations address topics such as investing and marketing your own brand. He looks at promising investment opportunities. He talks about the importance of networking and how to make and keep valuable connections and much more. Attending these talks and working on Ogbebor’s advice make for a great starting point for someone who’s working a 9-to-5 job but desires to move away from the single salary sphere.

To get more motivation and business advice from Ogbebor, follow him on Instagram at mikeinc_.

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