Newly Rebranded SLINK LABS Promises to Shake Up the Industry

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Investment is the smartest way to grow your wealth. The only thing you need to be careful about is where you are investing your hard-earned money. This risk-prone zone has several options from crypto to stocks, blockchains, and many more. Those who made the right decision or rather well-informed decisions are living a secure life. However, those who are still waiting for the right time to invest are actually losing the opportunity for returns. This is because money grows with patience when you invest, and not being patient to invest.

SLINK LABS is a new token launched on the Ethereum Network by ShibaLink as a vetted investment gateway. This new token went live just a few weeks ago and has already become the launchpad for other new tokens. The token is a collective effort of the SLINK team to introduce a transparent and vetted investment project in the blockchain market.

SLINK LABS is designed to fund blockchain projects to generate revenue through various streams. The token then fills the demand by distributing a portion of this revenue among the supporters. The funded token idea has a buy-back guarantee making it a safe mode of investment where investors can have the peace of mind that their hard-earned money is in a safe zone. This will further eliminate the traditional issue of slowing down of long-term tokens because, unlike other currencies, SLINK is not completely reliant on community interest.

The team working behind SLINK has focused more on revenue generation. The platform has been created to provide successful project applicants access to marketing and development. This will help underfunded developers and innovators with a token that appeals to investors. SLINK contracts will be available cross-network.

To reduce the volatile price of the mcap tokens, SLINK comes with a marketing wallet. This will help the team with any marketing, partnerships, and influencers, and with many digital marketing goals set for the future. The launchpad token aims to bridge the gap between institutions listed on CoinGecko or awaiting CoinMarketCap listing and smart contract tokens.

The SLINK team will introduce a range of imperative services to the supporters of the token. It has recently launched a Developer Program that will provide access to a set of valuable services, including token engineering, security audits, graphical and web3, social media, and branding support. With such innovative development, SLINK has already made it to renowned global platforms like CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and Coinsniper. The token has also been trending several times on dextools.

The journey throughout has been quite challenging but the team has overcome it all to scale the token consistently on mcap. It has been through a series of trials so that the SLINK team was finally able to determine the exact way to make it grow as the safest mode of investment. Over the years, the team has developed several valuable connections to elevate the position of the token. Now they are waiting for ShibaLink to be migrated successfully. This will make auto-lock liquidity and renounce optional features for SLINK. This will further facilitate a smooth transition from raise to market.

Assessing the progress of SLINK so far, the token seems to be a promising investment option for investors in blockchain. It will soon be a staple in the market and become a reputable source for vetting tokens.

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