News Du Jour: Brief, Direct, and Clear Reporting with Annie Bowles

The News Du Jour podcast delivers news in daily 15-20 minute segments in a way that is not littered with irrelevant and overcomplicated jargon improving brevity and comprehension.

When you think of the ‘news’ you typically picture pantsuits, masculinity, firm delivery, and long arduous words. Nothing but a bleak gray delivery of what’s going on in the world. Sugarfree Media Co. recognizes this standard form of news and is disrupting the norm with direct, simple, and brief reporting. Annie Bowles of Sugarfree Media Co. delivers daily news on her podcast News Du Jour that is free of intimidating and overcomplicated news delivery. Her goal is to provide a safe place to stay informed on the most influential topics of the day.

If you’re not a politician or a news anchor yourself, you’ll often be a victim to the over complex jargon often used in news delivery which can leave you feeling confused or even leave you questioning why you even were trying to educate yourself in the first place. Bowles’ goal is to deliver the news in a way that encourages listeners to come back by speaking simply, to the point, and without all the fluff of fancy terms that complicate simple matters.

When listening to News Du Jour, you can expect to receive news that’s delivered in an inviting way leaving you feeling educated and light. There is no heavy weight of darkness that news typically leaves on its listeners. That’s not to say that you won’t hear the negative news, Bowles shares everything that needs to be addressed, keeping you informed and educated, but she never centers her show around the shock factor that’s usually found with the disturbingly dark news that keeps stations’ ratings up.

News Du Jour episodes typically run about 15 to 20 minutes, keeping the news brief, as to not disrupt the listeners’ entire day. It’s easy to get consumed on a news channel, waiting for commercials to end or waiting through the filler news to get to the main topics, but that doesn’t happen in News Du Jour. Bowles shares “We keep it approachable, brief, calm, interesting, and informative every weekday morning.”

Bowles has had a connection to the political world from a young age. She was born in Washington, D.C., and her parents worked for a state representative. She went to the American University in Washington, D.C., and she interned at the Senate and the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.

These years of seeing what the professional political world looked like inspired her to want to bring more women to the landscape, and that’s where News Du Jour came in. Bowles has created the go-to news outlet for young women to stay educated, involved, and confident to enter the male-dominated world of politics.


Written by Jay Feldman

Dr. Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of several successful companies such as Otter Public Relations, Instelite, and REX Fitness. In addition to running multiple businesses, he hosts the Mentors Collective Podcast where he teaches the secrets to business success and creating freedom. He maintains a strong social media presence with over 200,000 followers. Dr. Feldman was recently named International Business Times "Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020"

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