Nicholas Solomon Smashes 3 Stigmas and Misconceptions around Heavily-Tattooed People

A lot of businesses have stigmas or misconceptions attached to them. One someone uses the phrase “tattoo shop”, people tend to get an outdated mental picture of these establishments. Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Nicholas Solomon is on a mission to break these stereotypes.

Note the word artist, as Nick ‘the Tailor’ is precisely that. It’s not easy creating intricate drawings on human skin, especially in the single-needle fineline style that Nick specializes in. Forget heavy, cartoonish, heavily-shaded tattoos but imagine tiny airbrushed lines that resemble a beautifully-detailed pencil drawing. This is the style Nick and his shop, Crown and Feather Tattoo, are acclaimed for.

Speaking of Crown and Feather, this is not a dark, dingy hole in the wall lit by a few harsh yellow lightbulbs. Nick offers his clients a luxury experience in a spa-like setting. In fact, most of his clients are young professionals with just one or two tattoos they view as luxury commodities that will last a lifetime. The Tailor takes pride in offering his clients a high-end environment complete with desk managers, a design team, social media specialist, and top-tier equipment.

Tattoo shops are usually not seen as bases for an amazing non-profit organization, but Nick ‘the Tailor’ spearheads the amazing New Chapters Project. Through this work, Nick and a team of 7 gifted artists cover scars inflicted from self-harm for no charge. They also offer resources for those who are contemplating self-harm or even suicide. People who were once embarrassed or ashamed by these scars can now conceal them with beautiful works of art they are rightfully proud of.

More art gallery and spa than your stereotypical tattoo parlor, Nick and his team at Crown and Feather are erasing misconceptions about this industry. With a 5,000 square foot studio space in the works along with an expansion of New Chapters and collaborations with local interior designers, Nick has established himself as the leading luxe tattoo artist in the City of Brotherly Love.

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