Nick Covar’s Music is a Message Of Hope

Before his rise to prominence in the club scene in Australia, Nick Covar experienced a fair amount of discouragement from people close to him. He didn’t let these doubts pierce his heart. Obviously, he was able to prove them all wrong. Nick aims to be an inspiration to others through his music and his incredible journey.

Nick’s humble beginning dates back to his first time watching a live concert of his favorite band. He was already into all sorts of music during those times, but something about the concert ignited a fire in Nick. The roaring cheers and thundering applause of the audience during that night made him excited and inspired to create his own music.

Eager to start a career in the music industry, Nick started learning all he could about music and was hoping to get some moral support. Unfortunately for him, his family didn’t take his plans seriously as they thought he wasn’t that serious about his newfound interest. His friends were also doubtful about Nick’s chances in building a career through his music despite his potential.

During the early days of his musical journey, Nick was increasingly attracted to electronic dance music, particularly Drum and Bass. One of the earliest sub-genres of EDM, Drum & Bass, or DnB for short, rose to fame out of the UK’s jungle scene from the 90s. For Nick, DnB music brings some high levels of nostalgia and, at the same time, contemporary tones that perfectly complement each other.

DnB became Nick’s favorite genre because of its upbeat nature, lively essence, and relatable feelings it manifests. Aside from working on DnB tracks, he is also into Dubstep music, another genre of electronic dance music emphasized by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns. These two genres allow Nick to use his imagination in crafting his own material he releases on SoundCloud and Spotify, and which he performs live.

One of Nick’s friends showed his support by opening his nightclub’s doors to him. Nick was given some regular gigs at the club, where he performed his original material and tested his music’s impact on a live audience. He was delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response he got from the gigs as he drew more people to the club to watch him perform.

The brand of DnB Nick brought to the music industry is unique, which has earned him more fans and followers. His fan base on the music-sharing site SoundCloud grew rapidly, until such time Nick stopped performing live to release his music online instead. Nick also brought his talent and music to Spotify, where he also receives a good following from his fans and supporters.

Nick’s latest track, entitled A New Beginning, was created by Nick with the COVID-19 pandemic as inspiration. Artists like Nick witnessed and experienced significant setbacks during these trying times, but he chose to look at these as opportunities for a fresh start. He is looking to launch a YouTube channel someday soon where he plans to post teasers for his future records.

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