Nick Velasquez’s “Learn, Improve, Master” Gives a Proven Blueprint for Mastery

Skill mastery is a vital component to success in any field. Whether you’re trying to thrive in sports, music, creative arts, business, relationships, people skills, or any other area, proficiency will help you reach greater heights. In his book, Learn, Improve, Master, Nick Velasquez breaks down the learning process into an exact science and provides readers with a proven formula to achieve mastery over any subject. 

Nick is a writer and thought leader who extensively studies and teaches topics like peak performance, productivity, learning, self-development, and mastery. He is the Founder of, a site dedicated to teaching people timeless principles on learning, creativity, and skills development. The learning coach is also a celebrated author whose book, Learn, Improve, Master, has helped thousands of people become better professionals, artists, and athletes through its science-backed and practical lessons.

“Learn, Improve, Master” has reached bestselling status, achieving unprecedented levels of success, especially in sports performance and sciences. The book dives deep into proven strategies that world-class performers, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs have used to become the best in their field. Nick’s book discusses topics like using memory techniques to remember anything you want, strategies to optimize practice, how to build habits that stick, overcoming setbacks and challenges, and the process to become great at any skill.

Nick Velasquez introduces people to top-notch examples from high achievers and history-makers like Leonardo da Vinci, Simone Biles, Stephen King, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jordan, Garry Kasparov, Martha Graham, Tiger Woods, Jiro Ono, Serena Williams, and many others. Published on July 14, 2020—at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—the book has skyrocketed into worldwide renown and reached multitudes, garnering high praise and selling tens of thousands of copies.

The book came at the right time, as people searched for self-development resources to enhance themselves amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Nick provided people with a productive alternative that has given them a renewed sense of hope that better days await us all at the end of the pandemic if we focus on improving ourselves despite overwhelming trials.

Nick Velasquez has spent years researching learning science, cognitive psychology, peak performance, and mastery. His book “Learn, Improve, Master” is the culmination of his extensive work combined with his experience learning in multiple fields, such as music, writing, photography, entrepreneurship, languages, magic, martial arts, bodybuilding, investing, and many more. Nick hopes to empower people everywhere by providing them the necessary tools to excel at anything they become passionate about and turn it into a calling that will enrich them and impact others. 

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