Nick Von: The rising star of the entrepreneurial and e-commerce world.

Nick Von an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He was mere 11 years of age when he got into entrepreneurship by programming servers on a popular game called Minecraft. He was so creative that he started trading in his high school, with his efficiency and new ideas in his mind he started creating softwares.

Nick dropped out his high school, as he recognizes his capability of running his own business and shortly he flew to Los Angeles for a meeting and then there was no looking back!

With his tremendous talent, determination and hard work soon he became the founder of, a digital company specializing in email marketing for e-commerce. Nick never spend any amount on advertisement for his clients, all due to his wide experience, skills and expertise. His company has helped hundreds of six to eight figure e-commerce store to increase their revenues by 15-35% .

With his unique marketing methods he is able to multiply their revenues as most of Nick’s clients earn $250k sales in a month. He already has his own company with substantial amount, he helps companies to grow revenue and sell equity to interested clients. And most importantly Nick’s strength as an entrepreneur has been preparing brands for potential acquisition.

Amazing fact of Nick is that he started e-commerce business with a friend only at the age of 15 years and he sold it for $18million. Bravo man! Nick has specialized skills due to which his companies does huge profitable business. He has efficiently gained more than $50millions in e-commerce sales. He also own a full service agency with many big celebrity clients and brands Nick Von launched a new record label just recently called “All Praise Records”, with Chet Hanks and Armen Dellalian.

For making his new venture the perfect addition to his business portfolio and growth of his business Nick does lots of marketing for album releases. His companies offers immense range of services like- manufacturing to processing, marketing and designing, which makes the work of client very convenient and effortless who wishes to launch a new brand, so their clients can focus on their career.

Nick Von has been garnishing huge popularity and success through his skills, specialization and experience. We wish many more achievements to this young businessman and future of digital marketing industry.

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