Nicole D’Andrea Inspires Women Through Her Modern Designs

Everyone has a passion that starts from childhood. For Nicole D’Andrea, it was the world of design. From a very early age, D’Andrea was inspired by the art of shoemaking and repair. Her interest came from her great grandfather, who owned a cobbler shop, a trade he brought to America. The introduction to the world of design by her great grandfather and his appreciation for the fine art of shoe design, ignited D’Andrea’s passion for design and was only the beginning of her design journey. D’Andrea continued to pursue her dream as a designer and went on to study fashion design in college, as well as pattern making in Milan.

D’Andrea’s career led her to work for high-end designers such as BCBG and Tiffany Tuttle, gaining enough experience in the field of fashion to feel confident in opening her own successful business where she designs and sources everything herself. Through the process, she’s learned a lot and gained irreplaceable experience.

The mission of her brand is not just to deliver beautiful and stylish accessories to women, but to provide inspiration through her pieces. The mission statement of D’Andrea is “To Empower Women One Accessory at a Time.” D’Andrea believes that when women come together the impossible can be achieved. The most difficult part of her journey has been finding a factory to trust working with a woman.

Despite having gone through many hardships while looking for a factory and obstacles on her road to success, D’Andrea never once thought of giving up. However, none of these were strong enough to let her lose sight of what is really important and that is how Nicole found her calling and the mission for her line: inspiring other strong women. That was the beginning of D’Andrea’s bracelet line. Her company is teamed up with Girls Inc. Charity and donates $1 from each sale to help educate young women to be smart, strong, and bold.

The chic bracelets have inspiring charms that inspire the woman wearing it. Some of the messages on the charms read, “GIRLBOSS,” “MS FIERCE,” “MS CONFIDENT.”  Aside from inspiring jewelry, D’Andrea also sells inspiring apparel. Among these include T-shirts that read “GIRLPWR,” “Be Confident, Be Fearless.” While her passion is to provide stylish accessories and apparel, D’Andrea’s goal is to inspire women and give back to organizations that empower women to be best version of themselves.

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