Many individuals have come and even quit markets that they didn’t think they could compete in. Because many of them, amid the many obstacles they faced in the process, lost all hope and gave up. Nonetheless, a few entrepreneurs in this world believe in constantly going ahead in life regardless of what, and with their dream of making it immense in their field of interest, they just concentrate on the positive and tackle obstacles like there is no tomorrow. One such entrepreneur from Australia who is leading his way to the top of the real estate world is Nidal.

Nidal is a vibrant entrepreneur and real estate professional who has faced many obstacles in life to achieve the level of success he has today. He had the passion to own a company from the very beginning. He says, “As a 10-year-old boy, my family struggled to live overseas, that’s why I was determined to become a good businessman because I felt that’s what you had to do to become wealthy. At the age of 14, I began my first company with a 6-lolly vending machine that I used to run while I was still at school. Over the years, I had entered different industries, including sales & marketing, health, and nutrition supplement distribution, restaurants, but I had not been able to succeed due to a lack of experience and knowledge. After experiencing the taste of the business world and using some unique business strategies, I finally decided to start my real estate career in 2009.”

Since Nidal has gained much of his abilities through difficult business and life lessons, he believes that skills can be learned easily but what matters the most is a genuine commitment and passion for the particular industry to thrive and grow. He measures talent based on its ideals and whether or not it represents the growth of the company. Nidal now operates a prosperous property company named, ‘Silvertail Property Group’ that allows individuals to purchase or build innovative properties. Brand new houses, land packages, townhouses, apartments, dual key homes, and duplexes are explicitly included in his company offerings. His business focuses on providing customers with financial independence through property investing. The characteristic that distinguishes ‘Silvertail’ is the consistency of getting any job done that may seem too hard for its competition. “The key focus of the organization is on the quality of the projects they take care of, rather than only fighting for customers,” says Nidal. His unparalleled expertise in the building and construction industry, combined with his highly transparent and engaging business style, makes him an ambitious and suitable leader for the Silvertail team.

Today, Nidal, who has helped hundreds of families get on and ascend the real estate ladder, aspires to live a balanced, purposeful, and safe life with his family.

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