Nidia Guzman on Changing the Real Estate Game Through Interior Design

by Sofia Rivera

Nidia Guzman, originally from Bogota, Colombia, is changing the real estate game by adding her own interior design touch into every project she encounters. Based in Atlanta, Guzman has been living in the United States for over 18 years. In those years, she has managed to position herself as one of the top best Atlantan realtors. Having been an agent since 2005, her purpose is to serve her community and help others.

Guzman’s interest in interior design began when clients would inquire about decor suggestions when purchasing their new homes. Questions from what kitchens knobs to use to what type of flooring to install, Guzman would assist with the little bits and pieces of interior design to truly make a client’s new house feel like a home. Her style can be summed up as modern minimalistic, and in a city like Atlanta where farmhouses are the common housing style, Guzman manages to add a touch of modernism to every occasion.

When asked about what her motivation is, Guzman says, “My principal motivation are my daughters, the reason to why I do all of this. But also, the dreams of my clients. When they get to my office with their kids and tell me they want a house, I’m full of energy to do more and put in my all. I do not want to deliver them a house, but a home of their dreams.” One of her most memorable projects was recent when she had some clients who couldn’t find a house that was the perfect fit for them. They had wanted important special features to be included, and so, Guzman decided to build a house from scratch. Her first steps had her searching for an empty lot, an architect, and engineers to make the house plan. After successfully building the home of her client’s dreams, Guzman gained a big clientele who were interested in having their dream houses built too. 

When it comes to interior designing, some tips that Guzman offers are that it’s important to know that every person is different and that they have their own unique sense of style. Her favorite spaces to design in are ample spaces with abundant amounts of lighting. She loves to add light colors to small spaces to open them up and make them feel bigger also.

Guzman describes her dream project as being able to create “a community in which people will have ownership over attainable luxurious style houses.” Her goal is for people to get the ultimate package, similarly to a bundle that will work through all the small details so they don’t have to worry about how overwhelming buying a new house can be. She also likes following trends, but by adding her own personal touch. Guzman says, “A personal touch of Nidia Guzman is what I like to add, it’s that cherry on top.” 


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