Nihar Patel, is a Filmmaker who Began his Career From Ahmedabad India, is Currently Pursuing Film Making in Canada.

During the second wave of Covid 19 that hit the world, Canada announced lockdown where he was consistent with his work and conducted a shoot for ACURA a premium car brand.

Being a multitasked he took up the job singlehandedly by being both the director and the cinematographer of the shoot.

With this he took up all the necessary precautions and ensured complete safety of the staff. He is an experienced film maker who has also worked with renowned artists and he has also been a part of core team of TIFF as a volunteer.

He is currently also working on the pre production of many projects that also include a talk show and also virtual festival shoots.

He has brushed his skills in creating content through pre production, post production, direction and cinematography while the pandemic hit us.

He has also worked on arranging festival shows virtually when physical celebrations were not allowed due to the spread of Covid.

With this, he also made sure that no work is being at stake due to any conditions.
He believes in creating content through different perspectives and is also planning various new projects.

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