Nimisha Bansal, a Journey Through Failures to Success.

It is said that the struggle you’re in today develops the strength you need for tomorrow. Bringing this to life is a woman who started her journey from the small town of Mathura to being one of the best countrywide educators and a bestselling author. Her name is Nimisha Bansal.

She is a devoted English teacher who has successfully coached over lakhs of students and has penned down 3 bestselling English guides in 2 years. With a willing heart to provide the best education to her students, Nimisha has proudly led an average of 10,000+ students to achieve their dream jobs every year.

Coming from a conservative family, Nimisha did not get as many opportunities as her brothers. But being one of the brightest students and because of her outstanding performance in academics, her parents allowed her to pursue education further like her brothers.

Nimisha planned to crack IIT and saw a bright future ahead for herself. But sometimes things don’t go according to the plan and life throws challenges at you. She found herself in an unavoidable family situation at the most crucial point of her life. But unlike the plan, she decided to be unwavering support to her family.

Not giving up on her dreams, she completed B.Tech from GLA University of Mathura and further topped her MBA batch in training & development from Delhi technical University. Realizing her passion for teaching, her unparalleled skills, and the unavailability of prominent English teachers in the country, Nimisha resigned from the prestigious company of Infosys after a few months of joining.

This is where her journey of teaching English took off. From teaching in various colleges to organizations, Nimisha became the best educator of English on Unacademy, India’s best learning platform. She made her motto to make English an easy and accessible language for everyone.

Today, she has built a staggering community of over 184k subscribers who have achieved their dreams with her unvarying support. Her commendable perseverance throughout the struggles has made her a praiseworthy teacher among thousands of others in online education. She has inspired lakhs of students and continues to contribute her best to provide free education through her Youtube channel ‘Nimisha Bansal’.

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