Nishit Sangwan Shares 5 Critical Insights To Help You Scale Up Your Digital Agency

Nishit Sangwan is one of the youngest and most popular young digital entrepreneurs in India, and he’s an expert at helping other people with their businesses. He owns a successful digital marketing agency used by top celebrities and brands across the world. Even though he started his journey at a young age, he sure knows his stuff. Here he shares five tips for scaling up your digital marketing agency and getting more clients.

Pick a niche

Many companies feel like they need to do it all, but Sangwan disagrees. “Find a niche and become the absolute expert in it,” he said. “Don’t waste your time trying to cover everything.” Popular niches include insurance agencies, auto shops, and restaurants, but you can choose anything you’re passionate about.

Outsource what you can

When you start your digital agency, you’ll likely be doing all of the work yourself. After you’ve built your business up, you should be only working on essential items. Outsource small projects like customer support or bookkeeping to other employees or freelancers. “This saves you a lot of time and money.”

Simplify client onboarding

When you scale up your marketing agency, you’ll start getting more clients. For this reason, it should be easy to add another client to your list. “Make adding a new client to your company as seamless for both of you as possible. Neither of you should have to spend days preparing and going back and forth. Find ways to simplify this process.”

Look at your analytics

As you’re growing your business, you need to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. “Check your analytics of engagement and progress,” says Sangwan. “Track how things are going. This will help you course-correct if something you’re doing isn’t working.”

Establish systems and processes

You probably know the best way to do things at your company, but this information needs to be clear to employees and freelancers. “Writing documents explaining processes step-by-step can make it quicker and easier for other people to complete tasks with fewer errors.”

There’s no better time than the present to scale up your digital marketing agency. If you follow the tips above, you’re in an excellent place to find success and start making more money at your business.


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