Nita Marie, Rising Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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The empowerment of women is an essential aspect of human and social capital development. Women like Nita Marie are considered highly influential, astute, and successful businesswomen in the online modeling field. She has spent over two decades empowering thousands of women to start their businesses. Nita has helped many women build their makeup skills and launch their careers in online modeling.

How did Nita Marie start her career?

Nita first discovered the world of online modeling at age 39. The extra cash and independence were just what she needed after her divorce. Nita Marie had children with her ex-husband and she wanted to be able to raise them well. As an experienced entrepreneur and coach, Nita has helped hundreds of women to earn money in their favorite profession.

Through her tenured status as an online model, Nita discovered her true passion for training others to succeed on the online modeling platform. Today, Nita is a successful entrepreneur running a group of close to 400 women to make big money through online modeling. She also offers them advice on how to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence in the process.

What are milestones that Nita Marie has achieved in her career?

Adult model Nita Marie has bought a 1300-acre piece of land in Colorado. The sanctuary will help rescue and rehabilitate wild animals that have been injured or displaced. She always considered buying land as her milestone, and apart from it, helping women make a living for themselves has also made it to her milestones list.

What are the short term goals and plans of Nita Marie?

Nita Marie has always been cheerful regarding her career. She has always looked to teach other women how to live independently and reclaim their sexual birthrights. Nita Marie is writing a book about her journey into rediscovering her sexuality. Nita will use her book as a platform to share her journey, helping other women understand their sexuality and how important it is to embrace femininity and a woman’s true nature.

The book is all set to release in 2022. She is looking to set her foundation even better and more significant for the women struggling in their lives. Nita Marie is not just empowering women, but she is also building her own legacy. Her Instagram id @love.nitamarie3 and her website speak about her work.

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