Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani Making The Fabulous Duo as Jigli and Khajur

It is truly said that strength lies in unity and when this combo of extravagant personalities combine together, they achieve the best of everything thing. Such is the bonding of Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani who make the fabulous duo of the renowned name JIGLI AND KHAJUR.

The Jani brothers started their journey as Jigli and Khajur 10 years ago, their experience have made them excel as a duo and they are recognised personalities all over the globe.

Speaking about Nitin and Tarun, Nitin is a remarkable producer whereas Tarun is a renowned director, both working effortlessly in the Film and Television industry.

Duo of these two named Jigli and Khajur was started 10 years ago and came up with a YouTube channel. Today, their channel has got millions of audiences who highly admire them and eagerly wait for the duo toshow up.

One of their play called ‘Khajur Nu Swayamwar’ got highly famous and has been appreciated nationally as well as, at international levels. The JIGLI and KHAJUR has also collaborated with one of the most popular Television channels,Star Plus and Colors TV .

‘JIGLI and KHAJUR’ have also worked on other projects like several successful Gujarati films. One of their renowned Gujarati film known as ‘Aavuj Reshe’ which proved to be a wonderous hit!  

The duo are the true blue professionals in their respective industry and are the example of true excellent self. They’ve hustled hard to make what JIGLI AND KHAJUR is today and will stride forth bringing the most of their potential to success.

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