No. 1 Bestselling Author J.J. Hebert Shares 5 Best Book Marketing Tips

J.J. Hebert is a no. 1 Amazon bestselling author and the founder of MindStir Media, an award-winning self-publishing company. He has helped thousands of self-publishing authors throughout the years and he has been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance as a self-publishing and business expert. In a recent interview, J.J. shared his best book marketing tips for self-published authors.

  • Promote your book through podcasts. 

According to J.J., podcast interviews are a highly effective form of book marketing. He recommends arranging podcast appearances around the launch of your book. Websites such as can help you book podcast guest appearances for free or for a small fee.

John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, recently stated that he was on 345 podcasts and shows in 75 days promoting his new book, and his book has done very well on Amazon. It’s also important to be prepared for your podcast interviews. J.J. outlines how to be the best podcast guest via his blog. 

  • Use Help A Reporter Out to get free book publicity.

Although there are some great paid book publicity options and companies, J.J. mentioned that if you have a small or nonexistent budget you can sign up for free at Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to become a source for journalists. Once you become a “source,” you’ll receive several emails per day through HARO from journalists asking for answers related to specific topics and stories. If you respond quickly enough you may just land yourself a major feature or mention.

  • Leverage NetGalley to attract book reviews.

For a fee, you can add your book to NetGalley’s database of books available for review. J.J. called this website a godsend for authors looking to generate reviews and visibility. NetGalley makes digital versions of a book available to their user base of reviewers. The NetGalley program helps garner over 40,000 reviews per month approximately for its members.

  • Advertise your ebook through BookBub.

BookBub is an email subscription service that connects books to readers via email blasts. Subscribers to BookBub can select their preferred genres and more and then they’ll receive daily emails presenting ebooks that may interest them. BookBub reaches millions of subscribers, so if you can partner with them to showcase and advertise your book, you can expect big sales as a result.

  • Run Facebook ads campaigns to drive traffic and sales to Amazon.

As the final book marketing tip, J.J. raves about Facebook ads. His company, MindStir Media, can help authors run Facebook ads to help sell books but you can also try a campaign or two on your own.

You can start small by setting a $10 per day budget and target interests on Facebook that relate directly to the topic of your book. If you’ve written a book about business, J.J. explained, you could target people on Facebook interested in Entrepreneur Magazine or Forbes and send those clicks to your Amazon listing. Once your campaign becomes profitable, scale it up.

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