No Boxing, No Life! The Motto of Professional Boxer Shokran Parwani

The name Shokran Parwani should not be new to you. If it is, get to know it. The professional light heavyweight boxer has taken the international boxing scene by storm. Originally born in Afghanistan in a family with four sons, Shokran took to Hamburg, Germany to make his dreams come true. Based on his recent success, it looks like Germany has given him what he needed to achieve his goals. However, Shokran is nowhere near done with his life as a boxer.

Shokran’s career started in 2016 with a bout against Ognjen Maric. In just the first round, Shokran was able to knock out his more experienced opponent. Not more than a year later was Shokran’s hand being raised signalling his title as the WBF International Champion in the summer of 2017. As he continued his career with no losses, Shokran was titled the German champion in the light heavyweight division in 2019. Before the pandemic shut down professional sports around the world, Shokran’s record stood at 15-0 with 12 knockouts. In many of those victories his son, Hafiz, was watching him and in the ring after his wins.

Shokran’s dedication to boxing is unmatched. In a similar fashion, his dedication to his family is equally unmatched. His son and him approach life and boxing together as a dynamic duo of not only son and father but of best friends. Shokran has been training his son to follow in his footsteps since Hafiz was two years old. It is clear that the now nine year old is ready to take on the boxing world with the same rigor and passion as his father has done.

Not only does Shokran train his son, but he also trains his younger brother Rafe Parwani. At fifteen years old, Rafe is also looking to make his professional debut soon. With such a talented and dedicated family, there is no question about their past successes and future accomplishments. Although Shokran makes it looks easy to maintain his duties as a father, brother, and professional boxer, there is no denying the incredible amount of perseverance and strength Shokran’s lifestyle takes.

Look forward to this summer when Hafiz makes his debut, and Shokran gets back in the ring against Vikapita Meroro. To keep up with both of their careers, training, and personal lives follow their Instagram pages (@shokranparwani and @thefuture_de).

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