No Slowdown in the Lockdown: Joty Kay Heats Up the Summer

No doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on many summer activities. But what some people see as a setback, others like Joty Kay see as an opportunity. Entrepreneurs like Joty Kay face an unusual situation and ask, “How can I turn this thing around and make it work?” And that’s exactly what she’s done.  

Who is Joty Kay, you might ask? Well, hang on to your hat while the long list of titles and accomplishments come flying by. She is an Indian social media star, actress, entrepreneur, and entertainer. And that is just the shortlist. Make no mistake, this Vine superstar who amassed more than 100 million views and a fan base of more than 71,000 supporters did not slow down during the lockdown. Instead, she turned up the heat and added radio talk show host to her list of ever-growing talents.  

Joty Kay Uncut, her from-home podcast on Dash Radio, is her latest venture to skyrocket to popularity. The podcast venue is perfect for the opinionated and sometimes unfiltered host. The appeal of having your own podcast is being able to discuss topics relevant to you without the nuisance of censorship. And the convenience of doing it from home makes the whole process unbelievably organic. Joty Kay explains, “As soon as something pops into my head, I jot it down, I open up my laptop and turn on the mic and start my episode. You have 24-hour access to your digital journal.” 

For Joty Kay, podcasting is a perfect solution to lockdown isolation. Her podcast creations keep her in touch with her steadfast supporters and open doors to new fans who are surfing the online options. They stumble across Joty Kay Uncut. They listen, and they like it. And they become hard-core fans who are now part of the dedicated following that grows your brand. Perfect!

The podcast was not Joty Kay’s only summer activity.  In July, she hosted A Celebration of Music, Art, Comedy, and Social Good from the South Asian global community, an online event curated by Rukus Avenue Radio. The event was complete with musical entertainment and segments focusing on topics such as relationships, current social commentary, musical genres, personal wellness, and more.  As the host, Joty Kay did her part by providing comedic relief and numerous wardrobe changes for a more realistic virtual experience. The end result was a celebration of community and diversity and a dose of positivity in a challenging time.

Joty Kay explains why this event was so important, “With all the chaos going on in the world right now, this special is a refreshing way to uplift our listeners’ spirits. Even though we can no longer attend shows this year, we can bring the show to you. This show is important because it is so easy to feel unmotivated and feel sad because of the changes we are facing. This show helps creatives stay creative and keeps our listeners engaged with the creatives. It gives us all a sense of hope for the future of entertainment.” 

She even recently released her first single “Jyotiana (Feat Fateh & Amar Sandhu) [Remix]” which is a playful remix of the popular song “Jyotiana” by two Indian urban singers Amar Sandhu & Fateh Doe.

As we go into the seventh month of COVID-19 restrictions, Joty Kay is doing her part to stay connected with her fans and keep the entertainment world thriving. With an entire toolbox of social media venues, she keeps busy snapping, posting, interviewing, performing, broadcasting, entertaining, and so much more. You can find access to every part of her world at her website appropriately named JotyKayWorld.

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