Nurturing Emotional Well Being in the Digital World

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Is work getting too much? Does your family time stress you out? Do you feel you are taking on the burden for other people? Your emotional wellbeing won’t take care of itself.

We too often see the term “wellbeing” branded about in digital society. What does it mean? When we refer to the emotional well-being of a person, we are referring to how well they are balanced within their emotional landscape. The digital world is filled with things that can manipulate this emotional landscape and therefore alter our state of wellbeing.

For all those of you who have been struggling with their emotional health ever since the pandemic hit, we have some good news. Read this guide and follow our tips on how to nurture emotional wellbeing in this modern, post-pandemic world.

Why is Emotional Well Being Is Important?

Emotional health and physical health are closely linked. Have you ever heard the expression that you can worry yourself sick? This is quite literally true. You can become so obsessed with feeling a certain intense emotion that you no longer want to eat. You no longer want to sleep, and you no longer want to think about anything else. This level of emotional obsession is highly dangerous. You’re in a suggestive state. You’re incredibly vulnerable in this state. You’re not thinking clearly. Imagine that you then went out and drove your car.

How You Can Stay Emotionally Healthy?

Emotional health isn’t being happy all the time. Emotional health is accepting sadness, processing that emotion, and allowing ourselves to feel it. Emotional wellbeing is understanding that these feelings will pass and waiting for them to do so.

There are ways you can keep yourself in a positive state of emotional health, even when you are at your lowest. They start with the basics, like remembering to eat and get enough rest. Then we move on to more complex fixes.

Surround yourself with positivity

When we surround ourselves with positive media outlets, we are more likely to wake up and go out into the world with a positive mindset. If the things we see are happy and good, then your mood is more likely to be happy and good. Get off those negative websites and start joining some positive ones. We recommend websites like Wealthful Mind, Tiny Buddha, and Calm.

Examine unbalanced relationships

If we are not getting for, we need from relationships, yet we are putting in more effort, we ought to think about whether that relationship benefits us. It sounds harsh, but there are no prizes for being nice. And fact relationships that drain you are draining your emotional wellbeing. You might find that you’re in a much better state of mind by simply cutting off contact with certain people.

Engage smart goal setting

Setting tiny goals for yourself to work towards a larger overall goal, allows you to make progress in any area of your life. When we’re not making progress, we feel stagnant. When we feel stagnant, we suffer poorer emotional health. Smart goal setting lets us move forward in our lives, even if it’s only a little at a time. Any progress is good progress. Keep that in your mind as you go forward.

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