OBT Packaging: Your One-Stop Solution For All The Packaging And Printing Needs

OBT Packaging is a US-Based printing and packaging company aiming to provide quality Packaging and Printing facilities to the local US and international market. It was established a few years ago with the vision to prioritize customers’ needs and deliver quality packaging worldwide with the best prices.

Today, we take pride in having a list of loyal clients whom we continuously deliver quality packaging according to their company’s requirements. From Kraft Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes to Mailer Boxes and much more, We have the right pick for every product.  

OBT Packaging Team- Our Valuable Asset!

Our skilled team and state of the art technology ensure to incorporate customer’s specific printing and packaging requirements and deliver efficiently. Moreover, OBT Packaging’s qualified expert designers work closely to assist customers in choosing amongst the best designs. Our team keeps customers in the loop at every designing stage, looking at ways to improve customer satisfaction. 

OBT Packaging-Aiming for Perfection!

We at OBT Packaging believe in innovation,  versatility and growth and keep an eye on the latest marketing and packaging trends.

We understand that packaging your valuable product is the most important thing in helping to create the first expression. Therefore, we provide you with every type of Packaging according to your product’s requirement to make you stand out in the market with their distinguishing and trendy boxes. From making cosmetic boxes to custom kraft boxes, and several other varieties.

You can be reassured that we deliver the Packaging with the best functionality features of sturdiness and durability to protect your product. As well as taking care of the meticulous aesthetics to make the packaging appealing. We have a wide range of choices available so that the customers won’t have to settle for less. 


Having the suitable Packaging to go with the product’s specification and brand value is a significant part of the logistics and marketing dynamics. OBT Packaging aims to synergize Packaging and product into a profitable venture for your business. We provide various durable Packaging and precise printing according to the requirement of your product and ranges. 

We have a wide array of Packaging collections to choose from, divided into different categories so the business can choose or customize accordingly.


OBT Packaging has Packaging and boxes according to the requirement of your business. 

  • To name a few, for Bakery items, we have Bakery Boxes, including Macaron Boxes, Donut Boxes, Butter Boxes, Pizza Boxes, muffin Boxes, Pie Boxes, Pastry Boxes. In other words, you name it, and we have a box for your special treats. These boxes are of different dimensions specifically manufactured to keep your bakery items safe and fresh. 
  • Food industry companies have various options, e.g., Candy Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Popcorn Boxes, Ice-cream Boxes, Noodle Boxes and much more. 
  • The company also has a wide range of CBD Packaging. The wide variety of boxes includes Retail and Display Boxes, Gift Boxes, Personal Care Boxes, Shipping Boxes, etc. In short, OBT has unlimited options of Packaging for your business.


We provide boxes of various types ranging from traditional boxes to trendy and chic ones. The range includes and is not limited to Five-panel hanger boxes with the convenience of the inbuilt hanger, mailer boxes for mainly import and export and logistics purpose. Tuck Top Auto Bottom Box, featuring a lid that is tucked into the bottom of the box.

Some other varieties are Pillow boxes, Popup Display Boxes, Pyramid Boxes, Hexagon Boxes, Window Boxes and Telescope Boxes and much more.


OBT Packaging also makes customized boxes that are made to be tailored fit for your product by our design team. These personalized boxes are manufactured with high-quality material, which makes them sturdy as well as attractive. 

The customer can tell them whichever design, shape, or colour they want and, voila, the Packaging and boxes will be on the doorstep with our speedy delivery. 

This includes aesthetically pleasing Cream Boxes, Eyeliner Boxes, Eyeshadow Boxes, Lip balm Boxes, Lotion Boxes, and sturdy cardboard and layered with lamination to prevent UV rays. Cake boxes with a window to showcase the dessert, Candy Boxes and customized Window boxes are some of the many ranges we design and manufacture.


Other than Packaging, OBT Packaging also provides various types of printing services. This includes glossy or matte Business Cards, or any texture as required, Bookmark, Brochure, Envelopes, Folders, Stickers printing, and Door Hangers used mainly in hotels and spas eye-catchy design.


OBT Packaging has a prominent online presence 24/7 as well as an on-site presence during working days. Let’s have a sneak-peek into how we operate:

  • A customer places an order via the website https://obtpackaging.com/ or by personally visiting our office.
  • We firmly believe the client is always right. The client view is prioritized when designing when we share with them an art pack and give the customers the liberty to be creative with the design.
  • Free Digital proofs are emailed to get approvals. Once approved, our team of experts starts with the production and digital designs.
  •     Adhering to efficiency, the product is delivered right at the client’s doorstep within 8 to 12 business days of approval.


With Packaging being used as one of the more robust means of marketing strategy, we can observe a relatively competitive environment in the world of Packaging today than ever before. So, what is it that makes the businesses prioritize OBT Packaging amongst the lot? 


Foremostly it’s the consistency in delivering quality products over time coupled with prioritizing our clients. In addition, we believe in going the extra mile to build a long-term relationship with the Customers. Due to these reasons and much more, we take pride in working with reputable companies like Flooop, the Espresso Lounge, Davine, Bolloré, The Loved One and Unique (the product company).

With Pandemic taking a toll, we also promise to deliver sanitized Packaging, as there is no compromise on the safety of the customers.


OBT Packaging offers free design support at the request of our customers to satisfy them. It is always convenient to have a sample of a package or box before ordering them in bulk and we take care of this concern very well. 


Our sales and support team is available online 24 hours, seven days a week. Furthermore, to keep the customer away from any inconvenience, a customer representative of the company is always online to provide details regarding any problem to their customer without any delay. 

A quote can also be requested by filling an online form stating Box type, Dimensions,  Unit, three choices of quantity, colour and stock. This ensures the customer gets the best pricing along with free setup and shipping.


We ensure to maintain a high standard in Packaging with innovative designs and the latest digital printing techniques. The details and specification in the Packaging speak volume about the durability, materials used and precise design. 

High-quality printers provide an immaculate Printing facility. In addition, our boxes are sustainable and can be used for a long time. 


OBT Packaging adheres to environmental guidelines, right from the manufacturing process to the time the packaging is delivered to the final consumer, and way beyond that. Our manufacturing facility follows a strict protocol of not emitting toxic waste into the environment. The raw materials are approved as per the industry’s standard. 

The packaging materials are mostly recyclable and reusable, so we can play a part in a pollution-free and sustainable environment. The ink we use for printing food packaging is Food-safe and non-toxic. Food-safe inks aid in reducing the environmental impact of food packaging production, as no additional material or barrier is needed to prevent contamination caused by ink.

Our Kraft boxes are not only safe for the food to be packed, but also the best choice for green nature lovers. We make sure our manufactured Kraft boxes are 100% eco-friendly. It can be recycled to be used in new packaging.


With the influx of new products and brands in the market, we can see significant players entering both the e-commerce platform and the conventional in-store setup. We are flexible and versatile enough to incorporate the changing trends in the market according to the client’s needs and products requirements.  

Watch out for OBT Packaging as we progress towards launching new and revolutionary Packaging in the market. With innovation, we aim to keep abreast of cutting-edge technology and marketing trends.

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