Oferta Offers Unique Products at Unbeatable Prices

Experts at 300 Oferta: “We aim to offer unique products at unbeatable prices”

Etail world’s powerhouse, 300 Oferta, has become the go-to shopping store for hundreds of women from Albania. Running 300 days of whopping discounts and offers, the company has struck a chord with the masses.  

Even as they rule the roost, founders Rei and Sara Prendi’s minds are racing with all the innovations they can bring about. Explaining their business strategy for the coming weeks, the founders of 300 said, “We do not allow success to make us lazy. We are innovators and disruptors. Our aim is to offer unique products at unbeatable prices.”

To that end, patrons see brand-new batches of astonishing styles and designs on their constantly updating social media pages. Fresh colors and cuts have taken over the fashion world, and 300 Oferta has kept pace. It welcomes shoppers with the latest red-carpet products, be it sharp satin shirts or dramatic gowns. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. These stunning designer pieces are made available to people at jaw-dropping prices for the first time ever. It is hard not to fall in love. One visit to their Instagram or Facebook is enough to clear any doubts that readers might have.

300 Oferta has made it clear to shoppers and competitors alike that they have something of value to offer, be it in terms of style or price. Even e everyday tops for women are not taken lightly. Unique cuts give them the signature 300 Oferta style that is widely loved. Reviews gush about how the products they received are exactly what they had imagined, which was even more surprising, seeing as how little each piece cost.

With a robust business model in place that allows them to make such offers, 300 Oferta is all set to meet the biggest challenges head-on – the uber-fashionable way, of course.




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