One 28: Even Introverts Can Have Fun at Parties

If you don’t like parties and would rather eat glass than go to a club, you’re not alone. Plenty of people grumble when their friends and partners drag them to venues where they have to socialize with large groups of people.

What if, however, you could have a say in the music that is played? How would you feel about going to a party if you knew that when you arrived, the DJ would be playing your favorite songs? Suddenly, that painfully boring trip to a nightclub would be a ton of fun.

Adrien Crastes, the CEO and Co-Founder of the song-request app One28, says that this is the power of the right song played at the right time: it can get the toes of anyone tapping, even the person who runs for the bathroom when the music starts and the dance floor fills up.

One28 is based on a simple, yet powerful, fact: when we hear music we love, our heart rate increases to 128 beats per minute. “We can be driving down the highway, frustrated because of the traffic or worried about some problem at work, but when one of our favorite songs comes on the radio, it all disappears,” says Adrien.

“It’s the same thing at parties – the atmosphere can be dead, but when your favorite song comes on, it’s magic. You relax, smile a little, and listen to the music. That one song has the ability to turn the party around and make the night a success.”

Adrien is an avid music lover and says he likes the club scene, but he noticed a few years ago that there wasn’t an efficient way to request music from DJs. Between having to yell to make himself heard when requesting a song, to struggling to remember the name of a song or artist, he eventually decided that there had to be a better way to request music at clubs and parties.

“I’m a tech guy, so I decided to create an app that would streamline how songs are requested from DJs and allow users to experience that 128bpm more often,” Adrien explains. “One28 was born.”

With the One28 DJ App, a DJ first sets a minimum price for song requests. In turn, a partygoer can submit their song requests to the DJ via the One28 User App. The DJ retains full control over the playlist, and if they deny a song request, they can leave a message via the app explaining why. The partygoer can then either request a new song or increase their original bid to incentivize the song to be played.

It is a simple concept that is already having a big impact on the club and restaurant scenes in Southern Europe. Adrien says he will never forget attending the launch of the app at the MK Club in Monte Carlo on June 10, 2022.

“DJ Chris was mixing that night, and he used the One28 app to take requests,” he recalls. “It was a ton of fun to see him checking the app for new requests and then playing them. The energy in the club was just amazing, and it was exciting to be part of it.”

DJ Chris S took over fifty song requests that night via the app, with a minimum request price of 15€. The following weekend, he continued to use the One28 app and said that “One28 is a revelation for every DJ” and that he will be using it every time he is mixing. 

Since its debut at the MK Club, the One28 app has also been used by DJ Magnum at the Twiga Monte Carlo nightclub. It recently was used by a DJ at one of Monaco’s best restaurants, the Maya Jah Monte-Carlo, where the minimum song request price was 30€.

“We are very happy about breaking into the restaurant scene,” says Adrien. “Originally, we had believed that our market was nightclubs and parties, so we were a little surprised by our success at Maya Jah. It proves that wherever a DJ is taking song requests, the One28 app can help facilitate them.”

Adrien reveals that the DJ scene is small, with everyone pretty much knowing everyone else. “This has helped spread the word of our app, which is why it’s now being used in clubs in Cannes, Marseille, Nice, and Corsica.”

For those introverts who still aren’t quite sure about clubs and parties, Adrien invites them to check out One28.

“It may not get you out on the dance floor, and that’s fine,” he says. “However, hearing your favorite songs can turn an otherwise boring evening into one that is memorable and fun, and that can make all the difference.”

One28, co-founded by CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, is bridging the gap between live music and the audience by offering the possibility for partygoers to hear the song that can take their heart rates up to 128bpm. DJs can accept or decline tipped, audience-fed song requests in the most optimal manner both for the DJ and the partygoer.

The DJ ultimately keeps full control, and if they deny a song, they can leave a comment to the partygoer explaining why. In 2019, One28 presented their vision at the Monaco International Clubbing show (MICS), a highly attended nightlife event. One28 then expanded this and began offering its app to DJs this summer, and it is now transforming the club scene.

For more information, please see its website, download the One28 user app or One28 DJ app.

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