One with The Music: DJ Eren AB’s Passion Fuels Unparalleled Success

Competition in the music industry is second to none in terms of difficulty. The competition is so stiff, if you metaphorically blink at the wrong time, you may miss an opportunity. Particularly within the DJ scene, the degree of difficulty to stand out is off the charts, as major nightclubs and record labels seek only the best for their brands.

Enter Eren Abdullahoglu, notably known as DJ Eren AB. Determined to make a name for himself, Eren AB has pushed past all barriers the industry has presented him throughout his career, climbing to the top of New York’s nightlife scene as one of the cities most well-known and premier DJs.

Having performed in some of the world’s most prestigious clubs and night life scenes, DJ Eren’s experience continues to build, allowing him to further showcase his talent to the world.  With many projects in the works, DJ Eren has been quite busy despite the Covid 19 pandemic shutting down the night club scene. Perfecting his craft and building his brand, DJ Eren AB is set to take his career to new heights.

“I have finished many projects, for the future” DJ Eren vaguely teases, holding many new tracks in his computer. When asked what he feels separates him within the competitive world of music and DJing, Eren’s belief stays true that it all comes down to the quality and passion of your craft.

“If you make good songs, you will always be in the spotlight in the music industry.” Eren AB explains.  “If you play good music for your fans, they always come where you go.”

Eren knew very early on in his life that he wanted to be a part of the music industry, from having attended concerts with his father at a young age.  His passion grew from there, as the DJ enrolled in the Electronic Music DJ Production School, where he opened up doors to new lightclubs and was able to experiment with new sounds and techniques. The experience paid off as DJ Eren began to quickly make a name for himself as one of the cities premier DJ prospects, becoming a rising star in the industry.

Based out of New York City, Eren’s undying desire to be at the heart of the city’s nightlife has motivated him to seek out the highest levels possible. Working with various promoters, DJ Eren has performed in some of the world’s most notable nightclubs, both across the United States and Europe.  With much more to come, the DJ phenomenon is prepared to make huge waves with upcoming projects and events.

“I listen to my heart, that’s it.” DJ Eren AB states. A statement which demonstrates that those that find true happiness and success do so by doing what makes them happy. A sentiment DJ Eren shares with all of his followers.

“I am undoubtedly where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing.” Eren AB states.

As one of New York Cities most sought-after DJ’s and go-to celebrity event DJ, it is clear Eren AB is on his way to the top with very little indication of slowing down.  In fact, Eren AB has become the premier DJ of the luxurious Hamptons, having done clubs and private events for some of the industries top celebrity figures.

With so much potential, there is nothing stopping DJ Eren AB from becoming a power house in the industry.  As the great entrepreneur, Armand Peri has been quoted in his book “Unparalleled Success” – “pushing yourself to the limit is worth it.”

There is no doubt that Eren AB too, has the drive to push himself to the limit on his own path towards unparalleled success.

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