Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan Informs Us About Mammaplasty

Estetician and General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. SonerTezcan says that the patient’s request is the key measure for mammaplasty. “For centuries, breast is the symbol of womanliness and maturity. And there is an opinion that breast means so many different things in various societies.

So, the demand of the patient is crucial while deciding about the desirable shape. In the first examination, the sizes of rib cage and breasts are measured. Afterwards, the surgeon explains about the most appropriate operation for those measurements. Then, the roadmap is planned through evaluating the wishes of the patient.

Sagging Breast Should be Treated as Well

Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan says that the patients complain about size and flabbiness. “Because of the fact that breast is an organ that hangs on a flat surface in front of rib cage, almost every complaint about breasts comes with bagginess issues. And the smallness issue comes with the results from excessive loss of weight and deformed shape while breastfeeding.”

Dr. Tezcan says that some surgical scars can remain after the sagging breast treatment. “Because of the fact that the skin should be put together in reduction mammoplasty operations, the level of flabbiness and the length of surgical scars will be in direct proportion.

So, the patients, especially the ones with sagging breasts, should know that some surgical scars can remain after the operation although the surgical cuts are sutured and the scars in specific areas are hidden.

Mammillary and Lactiferous Duct are Protected

Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan says that the cuts are planned in the way that they are invisible, and he adds that this type of treatment is not dangerous for lactiferous duct. “In the operation, we pay attention to create scars that are minimal in shape, for them to stay in brassiere. Mammilla and lactiferous duct protection is our one of the leading priorities as well.  

Here are the Steps of Reduction Mammoplasty

Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan: “First of all, the general condition, breast and body shape, rib cage and breast measurement results are evaluated. According to these evaluations, the type of cut and the equipment to use (adipose tissue, breast prothesis, temporal filling) are decided. Then, the patient is informed about the results under these conditions.

Mostly, we operate under general anaesthesia by using silicone breast prothesis, through a 4-5 cm cut which will be done under the breast and will stay hidden after the operation as well. The operation roughly takes one or two hours. Afterwards, the patients are sent to their rooms by medical dressing and special corset bra as well. During the operation, a drain can be placed, if needed.

The patients are informed about the medicines which they use a day after the operation. By taking out their drains, they are discharged from the hospital. Additional treatments are not needed because the esthetic stitches can melt down themselves.

The patients can resume their daily routines in 5 days and they can continue their work in 15 days as well. The patients are examined in the first, third and sixth months which follow the operation. After the treatment, it is suggested that the patients should wear brasseries with corsets and they should also keep the massage sessions. It can take up to 6 months to disappear the oedemas and breast to find its ideal shape.

The Nipples of big Breasts are Treated as Well

Dr. Tezcan gives information about the type of treatment that are preferred by the busty women. “Big breasts may cause waist and neck pains and various skin problems (itching, skin chafing, etc.). The size of the nipple may be the reason for complaints as well. The fact that big breasts cause flabbiness, this issue is taken into consideration with the big nipple issue and treated in the same surgical operation as well.

Before the operation, the general condition of the patients and the body shape are measured to decide a technique to use in the operation. The patient is informed about preoperative and postoperative processes. Reduction mammaplasty takes 2-4 hours. After the operation, there are seen reverse “T” or lollipop-shaped scars that are stitched esthetically and they stay hidden in bra as well.

These scars disappear in 6-12 months. After the operation, to follow the bleeding, some drains are placed and these are taken out in 1-3 days without pain. The remaining process is the same as the mammaplasty, which is mentioned above.

The Tightening Process for the Breast Resembles Reduction Mammoplasty

Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan says that the tightening resembles so much to reduction mammaplasty operation. “The flabbiness is the result from excessive loss of weight, or the loss of ideal shape by becoming smaller in a long duration. Rarely, the patient’s own breast skin may be ideal but the breast position can change.

In the treatment, the skin and the nipple are placed into an area which is ideal for rib cage. Through the cancellation or cutback of removing the breast skin, conducting a less weary operation is possible, though. By extension, the whole process resembles reduction mammaplasty.

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