Opportunities In Digital Spaces: New Marketing with the Same Psychology

In the past 20 or so years, the digital world completely changed the ways that entrepreneurs create and experience business. The internet is a constantly changing terrain with new platforms and ways of doing marketing and advertising. Digital spaces now allow for a new method of selling based on the psychology of people – which is one of the things that always stays the same. 

Chad Keller, digital adverting entrepreneur, and real estate marketing mogul joins this episode of Making Bank. Chad’s first major venture as an entrepreneur was as an Amazon Seller after connecting with a marketing expert at a startup event. When he realized the potential of Facebook ads and digital marketing, he ran with it. Since then, he created his e-commerce agency, co-creating Marketer Hire. 

 Learn some of the best insights that Chad gained from working with multiple different digital spaces, plus ways that he improves his daily life and business to find the best balance for his lifestyle. 




Digital Space Opportunities  

When it comes to Chad’s business, the backbone of his success relies on digital space and media. At the beginning of his business, Chad says that he learned a lot from Facebook. He says, “I started doing Facebook advertising. This was back in the heyday. Hit boost post and get like 10x return on your money. And you’re like, what is going on here?

Like something is like, this is crazy. And then when I saw that I’m like, okay, this marketing, digital marketing is real.” And while Facebook and Google have been successful in generating opportunities and leads, Chad doesn’t want to just stop there because he knows that nothing stays the same for long.  

“You have to keep testing. Like every single month, we’re spending just 20,000 on creative testing and that is just testing different ad creatives. And as those ad creatives hit, we plug them into our clients’ campaigns and that’s how we stay ahead of the game,” Chad reveals. This way he’s staying constantly up to date with newer ways of reaching audiences. 

While Chad is trying new things in the digital world of marketing, some companies still do direct mail. This is mostly because they are an older generation of marketers that don’t know how to do digital. From time to time handwritten and direct mail stuff will work to reach the audiences that still understand and appreciate that. However, the direct mail method was hit directly by the rise of digital spaces. 

 Because there are so many different digital spaces out there, and new spaces continue to be created, Chad doesn’t see digital marketing going anywhere soon. Shifting from one popular platform to another, like Facebook to Instagram, might happen. “I think it’ll just be evolving digitally, who knows what the next thing will be.” Despite the psychology of sales not changing, the means of reaching audiences will always be evolving. 



Improving Your Life and Business  

So how did Chad achieve all the success he has? “At the end of the day, nothing beats work. Working your butt off, like non-stop to were like, in the beginning, you have to learn it from the inside out. I’m a big believer in hard works pays off.” Behind his drive to succeed, Chad feels reward for working and meeting milestones and new accomplishments. 

 In the beginning, Chad would work hard and be frivolous with time. He’d work into the late hours of the night and wake up early, but not have that much stress about things because he knew that he needed to work to get where he wanted to be. Now, with kids and different aspects of his life that he values, he sets a strict schedule. He journals about his stress and his days. 

After Chad writes down what he needs to do for the day, relief comes to him because he can see what he needs to do, and he knows that he can tackle the tasks individually. Finding a balance between what is going on, what you want to do, and your mental health is vital when trying to find balance in both life and business. A journal that makes you write keeps you stay grounded in your thoughts – and gives you a break from the digital world. 

Another piece of advice that Chad has for entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to say no. “The other thing is just like; you’ve got to say no to a lot of things along the way. Especially for an entrepreneur. You’re just like, yeah, I can do that. I can do this. And I’m finally at the point where I can say no.” 

 Being dedicated to your projects is a good thing but being in over your head can overall harm businesses. There is a certain balance that needs to be achieved when you’re limited with time and you’re setting goals that you want to meet. It might be easy to say yes and get a quick reward for something – but dedicate sole time and effort towards a project can give you a greater reward later on.

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