ORÅ: Meet the Brand Making Sustainable Masks that Combine Style and Efficiency

ORÅ Mask is your eco-friendly, new must-have premium face mask on the market that is incorporating both style and technology within their products.

If we all recall March 2020, the month that marked the beginning of this pandemic in the United States, we were very limited in the options we were provided with when it came to face masks. The most common options were either the disposable surgical face masks or the N95 masks. As we delved deeper into this pandemic, more options made of different materials, prints, and colors became available. However, these masks lacked proper protection against harmful particles. ORÅ set out to create a good quality mask that didn’t sacrifice aesthetic nor comfortability and protection.

Obviously, creating your own business is no easy feat, especially in a sudden pandemic. ORÅ faced many project challenges when it came to manufacturing, producing, and doing quality control, considering that their plan was to keep production domestic in the USA. Although the process has been very new for a company that only had experience in research, everything has been a meaningful learning opportunity. The company says that the key takeaways from these experiences is that what matters is being adaptable, staying humble, and being a problem solver when conflicts arise.

Although designed for the working professional in mind, ORÅ masks are suitable for everyone and all occasions. Its added feature of efficient filtration technology offers protection against 100nm particles. Additionally, ORÅ masks are domestically produced and the company is working on minimizing their carbon footprint when it comes to production. To further their mission of sustainability, ORÅ also utilizes recyclable mailers and packaging materials, and their filters in masks are recyclable as well.

Currently, the future behind wearing face masks and adopting them as an everyday style may be uncertain once this pandemic ends. However, according to ORÅ, consumer education on air quality, air filtration, and differences in mask quality has definitely improved. When this pandemic finally ends, a demand for good quality masks will certainly remain. When it comes to ORÅ’s future, the company’s goal is to hone in on its mission of sustainability and become a household brand. With more stabilization, they hope to create compostable facemasks and biodegradable plastics from biopolymers. There is no doubt that ORÅ will be able to make a positive impact locally and globally.


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