Oren B. Segal inspires people with his fashion ideas and blogging content

Oren B. Segal is an American with an Israeli background. He is the only child of his parents, but he has a half-brother. Although he is an only child, he never lived a lonely life. Oren wants to inspire people with his story. He shares motivational content through his Facebook and Instagram accounts and he is hoping to extend his inspiration to the Twitter community soon. Spreading laughter and kindness is what Oren does whenever he sees someone who needs help.

Oren believes that life is full of good and bad things. However, he emphasized looking at the positive side of life rather than the negative side. He believes that staying positive in tough times might be difficult, but it is the best thing to keep you going. Oren’s quest for success came from within, but he acknowledges that his family played a big part in his journey. Despite his age and challenges faced, Oren put himself in a headspace to achieve his objectives.

At age 21, Oren has done many things in his life. He started playing the violin when he was six years old. After graduating, Oren took a giant step to develop his violin performance. With the knowledge he acquired in music high school, he moved to the University of Buffalo to study Management Information Systems (MIS). He got the opportunity to study in London for a semester, and he returned to spend another semester in Buffalo. At the moment, he is studying CIS and Music performance and seeking opportunities to excel.

Apart from his music career, Oren shows interest in modeling and fashion. He has been a freelance model for two years, notably partnering with friends and colleagues. He acknowledged their influence in helping him to build his network. His curiosity and love for being unique were the backgrounds for his interest in fashion. Also, Oren is doing a digital marketing internship, where he created an initiative with Tone House, a fitness studio.

As one with the mentality of not being bothered by others’ opinions, Oren focuses on only things that matter to his life. He keeps a positive outlook and hopes that he would make the world a better place for people one day. According to him, never follow the crowd if you want to be successful in your career. Endeavor to do something unique. Right now, Oren is thinking about joining the US Navy.

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