Organizer Yuksel Balci : My Goal is to Organize an International Festival In Cappadocia Similar to Coachella

Yuksel Balci, an promoter who throws nightlife events and concerts in the USA with his company named YUKSEL PRESENTS, turned his passion into a business plan. He became popular in the entertainment industry thanks to the events that he carried out in San Francisco, USA.

Charmed by the mesmerizing atmosphere of Cappadocia, Balci plans to organize an international event. He traveled from Ihlara Canyon to Cappadocia Hoodoos, Stone Houses and underground cities documenting his journey on Instagram. Inspired by the feedback he got from these posts, he decided to organize an international event. Many of his friends said that they want to visit the area. Cappadocia is the dream event location for Yuksel Balci.

While traveling through Turkey he visited Cappadoocia and quickly fell in love with it. He says it’s a natural paradise, tailor made for international events with its charming Hoodoos, balloon tours, and sceanic locations such as the Ihlara Canyon.

The World of Entertainment Will Come to Life

 Yuksel Balci, who made his name popular, thanks to events such as “White Party”, “Masquerade”, “007 Casino Royal’, “Rooftop Rendezvous Sunday Brunch”, anticipates that festivals and international events will be in heavy demand after the global pandemic. “With the vaccination process, festivals are planned to take place again in the near future. And one of the most significant organizations that I intend to start will be in Cappadocia. My friends in Turkey are enthusiastic about this event and the festival will be admirable on a global scale as well.”

He also says that people have become bored of limitations caused by the pandemic. His organization carried out successful events by taking all precautions. “We have been carrying out the most appropriate work with my team.”  The prominent figures of the art and entertainment industries are excited and eager as well. I can easily say that there will be a big escalation in the near future.

Connect with Yuksel on Instagram – @yukselpresents

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