Out of the Concrete Came a Rose: The Unlikely Success of Chicago Rapper Morewop

Morewop hoping to turn nothing into something

The influence of the environment has always determined the upbringing of an individual. The positive and negative factors of people and places are what sets the trajectory for a future. Chicago rapper and hip-hop artist Morewop knows firsthand the challenges associated with negative influences.

Losing brothers to gun violence and a lifestyle of gambling and robbery threatened to completely derail Morewop’s future as he was threatened with a life-changing court case. Thankfully, beating the case and realizing the need to separate from negative individuals helped Morewop see what his life could be through his talent for music.

His introduction to music came from playing drums as a child and eventually lead to creating his own music at 19. Though none of his early studio work was released, it set the stage for the career Morewop has since built. His first project was an EP entitled “WOPTOBER,” and he released a second work upon gaining support.

The album “Who I Do It 4.” Both of these have gone far in gaining Morewop a large social media following and hitting over a million views of Youtube and TikTok. It is platforms like these that bring attention to independent artists such as Morewop and give them the resources to build personal brands without the help of major record deals. He currently works mainly with producer and engineer Gasupkeef.

Connections and collaborations like these also have gone far in continuing the career of this young 24-year-old.

Morewop’s early music was based on freestyling and simply spending time in the recording booth. This time allowed for him to develop his own sound and realize the potential he had if he took writing and recording seriously.

Additionally, he has molded his songs around the message of authenticity and truth. Despite the rawness of his past, Morewop has no intention of glossing over the realities he came from. He firmly states, “There ain’t no cap in my music. I only rap about [stuff] I have been through, or seen, or was around.” Yes, he faced many challenges, but he also overcame them, and that has been his inspiration to others and to keep pursuing an industry that can be incredibly difficult to break into.

Recently, Morewop announced his upcoming project called “Road Runner.” Fittingly named for its message to those keeping on the right path under trying odds, it is a tribute to “hustlers of all kinds,” as he puts it, “trying to reach their full potential while facing different hurdles.” It is a declaration of overcoming, a testament to human will and determination.

Morewop’s story and music showcase a journey worth following for fans and audiences. Stay in tune with the links below.

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