Outdoor Business Signages : An Out-of-the-Box Signage Is the Key to a Desired Customer Base

If you own a small business, you may be considering how to improve the external signage of your business for maximum effect. You could be looking for a perfect image for your new business and looking for the best signage options available. No matter what, you will be looking for the most suitable way to make your business stand out to your intended audience.

Why would you update your existing signage?

One of the most important marketing tools for your business is already right there, your shop signage. The visual impact you provide will pay a key role in the type of people you attract to your business. If you have ragged signs, broken bulbs and spelling errors in your signage, you will not attract much attention. Actually, poor business signage can have the opposite effect and discourage potential customers from stopping by.

The FedEx Office performed a study in which over half (52%) of customers admitted to being repelled by poor quality signage and spelling errors. Then, 68% of customers declared they have made purchasing decisions because top-notch signage had caught their attention. The same 68% had mentioned they felt the conditions of business signage was a reflection of the service and products of the business.

For this reason, it is a good idea to look over your business signage and make sure you are making the best possible reflection with your target audience.

Standing out from the crowd

Here are a few important things to remember when considering the signage of your business.

Logo and branding – you will need the company image and logo as part of your business signage along with any other notable marketing elements that makes your business standout from the rest. Your business color schemes should also be as consistent as possible.

Clean and simple – you need your sign to be clearly legible from a distance. With this in mind keep things as clear and simple as possible. Keep everything excess to an absolute minimum. Too much fluff will detract from the message of the business.

Placement – Where do you want your signage? Will it be on the ground or mounted onto the side of the building? Think about the surrounding area and decide which would be the best option for attracting passersby. An expert can provide great perspective when making this difficult decision.

Go bold — once you have a clear and simple plan for your sign, you can begin to try out different ideas from the selection of options available to you.

Shop sign designs

Here is where your choice of sign will truly come into its own and there are great options to suit any budget.

Flat Panels

This is an effective way of producing many different signs with different types of information regarding the business you are handling. Flat signs can cover the large plain surfaces of a business front or can be placed on smaller areas depending on the needs of the visual impact you are trying to create. Best of all, they can be very cost effective.

Acrylic letters with vinyl graphics

Acrylic letters can be crafted to the font and logos you need for your business. This stand-off lettering can provide a very professional look for your location.

Vinyl cut graphics

This cost-effective option is highly versatile and can be used on all types of surfaces. Best of all it is durable and low-maintenance meaning you can expect it to work well in any location and for many years to come.

Acrylic letters

Acrylic letters can be cut exactly to fit the needs of your business signage, they can be placed on stand-off mounts as well.

Built up letters

For an especially attractive halo effect at night, you can use these built-up 3D letters to create a very attractive visual impact. Built-up lettering can be applied to achieving a very attractive look that can be perfectly illuminated. Special designs and lighting add a new level of sophistication to your business signage at night.

Folded Aluminum sign trays

Aluminum can be folded into a variety of precise shapes and forms to provide the perfect look at your entrance. These 3D frames have a polished steel face, acrylic or vinyl graphics and a projecting sign. Because of their sleek modern style andconsiderable durability, folded aluminum sign-trays are a terrific option for fitting to shop fronts.


Finally, we can provide tailor made illumination in a variety of ways to place your choice of business signage in the best light.


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