How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Show Up Powerfully In Life and Business

Change your story, change your life.
The stories we tell ourselves influence our thoughts, beliefs, actions – and ultimately, the results we create in our life and business.
To create long-lasting change, we must replace the limiting stories that rob us from making our biggest impact with new beliefs that empower us to take bold action towards living our fullest potential.
Here are 3 ways to make that happen—so you can overcome self-doubt, be more confident, and show up powerfully in your life and business.

Realize You Can change it at Any Moment

When you realize you are the scriptwriter and the hero of your own movie, you gain true power.
If your current story isn’t serving you, you can change it at any moment by being intentional about the questions you ask yourself and what you choose to focus on.
Questions like: “Why am I not good enough?” “Why do I always feel so stuck and overwhelmed?,” only reinforce the doubts and limiting beliefs in your head.
On the other hand, questions like: “With what I know right now, who can I best help?” “What’s one action step I can take today to bring me closer to my goals?,” force you to switch from ‘victim’ to ‘hero’ mode and gives you the confidence to take action on what matters most.

See Yourself Already Winning

 A powerful technique high performers, especially top athletes like Michael Phelps, use to have unshakable self-confidence, be fully present, and perform at their best when it matters most, is visualization.
Make it a daily ritual to spend time visualizing yourself already achieving the results you want. If you were already living out your ‘perfect’ day, what actions would you be taking? What results do you help people create? What are your top three values?
The more real you make this in your mind, the more confident you’ll be in your ability to take action and make this a reality.

Do Meaningful Work

 True change happens when our purpose becomes bigger than our problems.
Research done by Harvard Business Review on the power of small wins showed that, “The key to motivating performance is supporting progress in meaningful work”.
If you can focus on a purpose bigger than yourself, doing work that matters, and making small wins (meaningful progress) daily—you’ll experience higher levels of confidence, and replace your old feelings of fear and self-doubt.

Ready for More Clarity, Confidence and Power?

 If you can change your story, you can literally change your life. It won’t happen overnight, but as you take action over time – you’ll start to gain the clarity, confidence and personal power you need to show up fully—and powerfully—in your life and business.
Remember: You are the scriptwriter and hero of your own movie.
You have the power to change the story at any moment.
What’s was one limiting story you used to hold yourself back with fear and doubt, and how did you overcome it? Let me know in the comments below!

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