P Dope, A Charismatic Rapper From Baltimore, Has Released A New Single Titled ‘Thank God’

P Dope, also known as Dope boy P, is on the rise to become the main attraction in the hip-hop industry. He brings a new and unique sound, paired with raunchy street lyrics and versatility to the table. He takes inspiration for his songs by his rise to fame in the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. P Dope discovered his passion for music at a very young age but couldn’t focus on it. He was often distracted by street politics, incarceration, drug money, and gang rivalries. He was always surrounded by a lot of hurdles while growing up.

Talking about his childhood, he says that he had to grow up fast and learned how to earn money at a very young age. He also understood the importance of being respected by others. “When you grow up in the hood, respect is everything.”, P Dope says while sipping Belaire Rose. His verses serve as a testimony to his past struggles and hardships. In addition to that, they also give motivation to his listeners.

On a day in 2010, he began to focus on fulfilling his purpose as a musician. That evening in West Baltimore, the rapper survived a shoot-out and got shot four times. This unfortunate and tragic event shook his friends and family and was all over the local news. P Dope says that he knew he was here for a reason after that shooting.

At that time, he was young and bull-headed. This altercation was to show him the consequences of his thought process for him to change. On that day, he decided to turn tragedy into triumph. During his recovery, he began to focus on fulfilling his purpose. He was determined to sharpen his pen and freestyle game. He even recorded with his mouth wired shut to stay in the zone and deliver his best.

P Dope has also combined his knowledge of business and his long love affair with music. He is not only a lyricist but also a sharp-witted businessman and entrepreneur. With the help of his knowledge and skills in branding and marketing, he has guided various artists to develop and build their careers. He has gained traction from working with many notable figures in the hip-hop industry. Someone like P Dope is a quality asset in the multi-billion dollar music industry.

P Dope has recently released a new single called “Thank God”. This song has the feel of a grimy NYC Griselda-style record. He has laced witty lines over a sample beat with no drums.

P Dope’s charismatic voice carries this theatrical street ballad. For this project, he collaborated with creative director Malcolm Xavier. He has designed the album artwork which also doubles as a collector’s item for his supporters. The merch for this single will be dropped soon.

“Thank God” is available on all streaming platforms. To get to know P Dope more, follow his social media account: HERE.

Some of his most recent projects: “7 Days Straight”(Mixtape circa 2016), “Not A Role Model”(Mixtape circa 2017), “5203”(Mixtape circa 2020) “Who is Dope Boy P”(Mixtape circa 2021) are also available online.

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