Packwoods Boasts Supplying the Best Hand-Rolled Cannabis-Filled Blunts on the Market

Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and Berner all go to Packwoods for their pre-rolled blunt needs. That is because they see this company’s pre-rolled cannabis-filled blunts as being the best that money can buy. If it is good enough for these rappers, then you can probably guess that you are going to love them as well.

Packwoods is the name of a company supplying pre-rolled blunts with the same name. They are now officially available to purchase at licensed dispensaries in California, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. These blunts are packed with high-quality lab-tested cannabis flower that is always hand-broken and never ground. This ensures you receive the highest trichome content possible, leading to a more enjoyable smoke.

Each blunt contains an eight of an ounce of top-shelf bud. Additionally, the flower is dusted in kief, providing even more indoor, strain-specific and dry-sifted trichomes. The high-potency cannabis buds included in every Packwoods blunt pack quite a punch. They must, given how heavy smokers like the rappers mentioned above are all about these blunts.

Packwoods blunts are also the healthier choice compared with others on the market. For one, they come with a 100% tobacco-free wrap. With more people becoming health-conscious by the day, this has become a major sticking point with consumers looking for a healthier way to enjoy blunts. Packwoods has been able to use a natural leaf that is slow-burning, smooth, and healthy. The attached filter that comes with every blunt provides a smooth and consistent draw, from start to finish.

All of these features of Packwoods blunts make them some of the best in the United States. That is why cannabis connoisseurs from around the nation turn to this company when they want to take the work out of smoking a cannabis-filled blunt. Each one contains the same top-shelf flower.

Blunts are not the only thing this company does right. It also offers up a wide array of smokeables, including Packarillos and exclusive Packs of flower eighths. Packarillos are akin to miniature blunts. Each one contains 0.75 grams of premium cannabis flower, along with an engineered cross-cut glass filter, which delivers a slow burn. As with the blunts Packwoods makes, these also include a 100% tobacco-free wrap.

Given its attention to delivering what experienced cannabis users want, Packwoods has some of the most potent collaborations within the industry. These include drops with Sherbinskis, Cookies, Runtz, GasHouse, and Big Al’s Exotics. Collabs are very hyped-up events and become a windfall for this company. In the near future, Packwoods is also planning to have collaborations featuring cannabis flower from Berner’s Lemonade strain.

Cannabis aficionados have come to view Packwoods as a staple. The good news is that this company’s legendary blunts and cannabis products are available across the country, meaning millions have easy access to them. If you want some of the dankest bud around, then Packwoods should be at the top of your list.


You can see the entire Packwoods selection on the company’s website. You can also follow them on Instagram @packwoods.

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