Padmaja Bharti – the Artist, Author, Hub of Creativity

Padmaja Bharti, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata. My background is in the creative field. Management of creativeness is essential and exciting for the current World. She is an author of two published books, “Rhime of Time” and “Wondering of Indian International Ethics.”

Passion and devotion are real and make this beautiful World more creative with my knowledge and wisdom.

This World is full of knowledge; you have to earn it by self concentration and confidence by getting all time-wise experience with the will of spreading it all around to flourish with the proper exhibition and ideas.

Here, you can see two paintings of mine.

1st one is with the title; “Sumpurnam Samyabudhi Atamgyanam Avishkaram Sidhiprapti”

Meaning; “complete time-wise self-knowledge.”

Price: Rs. 17,000/-

This painting contains the ideas of knowledge for more and more self-awareness, complete, and always be a time-wise person.

My 2nd painting is for seeing the World with the beauty and boldness of the right character.

Title: “Omni” Or “All of All things.”

Price: Rs. 7000/-

For seeing more, you can visit my webpage;

“how to be creative in all fields.”

The main mantra of my life is gaining and following the words of wisdom with creativity.

she want to give and create a better world with ideas and believe.

she have one-liner ultrafine statement from book “Rhime of Time”.

Title: “Searching Life”

We should earn for life, not earn to live….

The happy life is such a myth…

Earning money is all to switch….

her books are available online, and you can read them through Amazon Kindle also. her first and most crucial theory of life is to be happy and flourishing our culture through the development and ideas of the wise creative mind.

We do everything for our next generation, and we should earn a respective essence of our healthy nature. For the development of the younger generation, righteousness and perfectionism with curing are essential for society’s betterment.

The World should listen to you by your higher mind and time-wise wisdom. The wholeness of the World will remain the same and make it better with every second of your workstream. Reality should create creativity more robust and make it better.

About Writings

I like to write about nature in my poetry; if you try to see it, you will find wholeness and several meanings in every poetry. Sometimes I connect mother nature with human nature. I do try to write rhythm poetry, and some of them are blank verses. So, I can say that I have both old and contemporary styles of writing. I like to use new words and phrases. I do have narrative writing skills, but at the same time, I want to use expository essays. Automatic and Freewriting, both I like to touch them simply.

About Spirituality and Will Power

Will of Power is the spirituality of the soul. More will more is the more powerful will to generate power inside the soul. Saving a life can become easy by this power of the soul. Solitary power can be modified, but any destruction cannot change intensive energy.

Loyalty towards ourselves is the conduct of tomorrow’s motivational sound, and a correlated matter of object can dominate the real World. That is why our body can become more magnetic with time because iron can only give, but the magnet will only attract. This will make us more spiritual time after time.

At the end of this writing, I want to add that the first and most important is “you,” and “your will” make you happen every time. You are sacrificing few things to get life better and more beautiful with time.

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